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Better late than Never...

I am beyond ashamed that I have not been updating regularly.

After my double date disaster, I kinda got slammed with things to do.
Between work, multiple birthdays, trying to lose weight, hanging out with friends and saying 'yes' to pretty much everything...I am glad I have had a day to just get on my laptop and update you guys.

Trust me, there are some great things in the works this week. 

I can't believe I have gone an entire week without making a post about my bff Cupit's birthday!!

So here it goes....


I haven't paid enough respect to one of my best friends' birthdays this past Sunday.
Cupit (her last name, the only name I've ever called her) has been one of my best friends since we moved in together at Southern Miss.

I hope she has had a wonderful birthday weekend AND I was so sad Sunday when I woke up and realized that I didn't get to do all the fun things I did for her a few years ago.
Here are some photos from her 21st birthday...

Obviously, we REALLY liked that photo. :) 

All her gifts from the day.

Don't get drunk and eat the flip flops - famous words from one of her aunts. 

Now since we've gone back in time -- here is the main event of this post:
Ten things Cupit has taught me...
  1. That if you don't know what to make for breakfast, cinnamon rolls work....every time.

  2. Spending a ridiculous amount of money on a purse is perfectly acceptable, especially if it has an LV on it.

  3. Make your bed every day.  Just do it.

  4. If you love wearing Polos, buy one in every color. You can never have enough of that staple item.

  5. Make time to call your grandparents/parents every day.

  6. Run errands for your family members; they will appreciate it.

  7. Study and work hard at whatever you do, it will pay off in the end.

  8. It is okay to be a professional student - just make sure you have some way of paying bills without going into debt.

  9. Tanning is always a good thing.  Find time to tan - class at 2? No problem - lay out for at least an hour in the mornings.

  10. It is okay to get nervous before a presentation, but deep down you are going to be great
    Work through the nerves.


    I hope you have had the best 24th birthday.  I can't believe its been almost 2 years since we have lived together and we've had to move on from our roommate days.
    You were the best roommate I ever had and I cannot begin to explain how much I miss our USM days.
    You will always be one of my best friends no matter where we end up in life.

    Happy Happy Birthday to You!

    Your old Roommate Cass 

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  1. Such a sweet post - great friendships like that are hard to come by. I love points 5 and 6 - such Southern lady things to do...girls after my own heart!


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