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The BL Update and a change?

First things first - I want to say thank you to the 3 girls who have already donated to St. Jude.  They sent me an email saying that since I already have $100.00 donated they are sending my race singlet to me soon. 
You guys are awesome. 
You will be mentioned in my next post and I am designating an entire page on my blog next week to fundraising and yall will be front and center. 

Now onto the point of this post: My weigh in...

I weighed in yesterday morning at work because I took off today.
I'm headed up to StarkVEGAS, MS. 

My weight yesterday was 158.2! 
Down a 1.6 difference since last week - I guess going out all weekend and dancing helped :) 

Why Starkville, Cass?

I have been going to this particular weekend since April of '08.
It happens every spring semester and I hope I never miss it.

Some pictures from the past: 

I have met some pretty great people over these past few years in Stark - dated one, danced with one of the girls a couple weeks ago.

I feel like you never really lose anyone you meet - you seem to see them again when you least expect it.

I hope everyone has an AWESOME weekend. 

I can't wait to get my feet on Bulldog grounds again. 

Does anyone like this new Change that Blogger has done?
I'm like, wth?! 

Mark Zuckerberg has really screwed things up for the rest of us.
Oh hey guys, everyone is used to this - lets do something to make it all different. 

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  1. Sounds like such a good time! I love when you mention seeing people again when you least expect it... so true :)


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