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The BL Update.

It's FINALLY Friday!!

I just went and weighed in and I weigh:

[gained .4 of a pound]

Maybe its from the fact of dressing up 2 nights in a row (pics to come this next week, I promise), working out to Richard Simmons and dancing until 1 am this morning...I just don't mind this little weight gain.

I know I am not in the lead here at my work and it's not the end of the world.

Sometimes you just have to take it easy;
realize that what you are doing today is enough.

Next week I have lots of goodies for you guys:
  • A new page designated just to St. Jude Marathoning
  • A couple guest posts
  • My birthday giveaway winner
  • Posts about what I've been doing this week
  • etc...

I hope each one of you has a fabulous Friday;
Today is Payday and I have a work holiday Monday so even though I'm running off of 4 hours of sleep, I'm good. (:

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