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can't thank YOU enough.

I cannot seem to thank anyone enough for what has happened to my little blog over the past few months.
And by happened, I mean grown into something bigger than I could imagine.

But that doesn't mean I am not going to try....
Specifically, I want to thank SkinnyRunner first.
She got my blog out in the blog-o-sphere with me being in one of her rounds of "Cat Lady Blogs."

Next up was Nicole at La Mia Vita.
She did a sponsor spotlight along with some other bloggers, but what really helped was the giveaway I did on her page.
A huge thank you to StyleMeSwanky.
Her excitement and quick-ness at getting me on her blog overnight was incredible.

Last, but certainly not least, Liz at Exploredreamdiscover.

I cherish the fact that I was introduced on each one of these girls' highly-visited and loved blogs.
I never imagined I would get over 100 followers, but I have thanks to....

I feel like I may do my own giveaway when and if I reach 175 followers.

I'm at 123 right now, that could happen right?


If your not following me and want to be one [with maybe just the chance of winning something free] - please click on the left side of my page <----

Either type your email address in OR follow me through google connect :)


  1. Cassie,
    You make it so easy to keep stopping by! I found you through Style Me Swanky and I was hooked after the first post - thank you!! I love your cute and witty style of writing and the fact that you're so faithful to your blog! I wish you the best and feel lucky to have found you! Have a fun day! - Kerry

  2. I love your blog.


  3. I appreciate the support from both of you, Kerry and Tabitha! :)


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