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Dear April,

If I was being honest, you are never one of my FAVORITE months.

You are great, sure - Super Bulldog Weekend and my bff's birthday is this month, but overall you are just not that fun.

You rain a whole lot (it's only the 5th of April and it's already rained 3 days in a row).
Rain is great if you have nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon, but your affecting my workout schedule.

Usually I wouldn't mind but this is the LAST month of the Biggest Loser competition at my work.

I know, I know.......April Showers Bring May Flowers but guess what?
You don't have to listen to that time old tradition, girl.

I promise to keep a open mind, dear April,
and try to make the most out of every day you fly past us.

But I would be lying if I said I wanted you to stick around a while.
My birthday month is May.
That's where my heart is ready to be.

I promise to try my best at running this month and sign up for 2 of The Color Run's...
Maybe then, you will feel like a pretty great month to me..
even if your skies aren't so....pretty.



  1. I want to do a color run soooooo bad!! I don't think there are any in this area tho :(

  2. Nicole, check out www.colormerad.com. It looks like another one but not by the same people? Hope this helps! :)

  3. "you don't have to listen to that old time tradtion, GIRL."

    Chuckled out loud. LOVE IT.

  4. Lol Kathleen, I thought you would like that ha ha.


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