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Famous SWEET tea or NOT famous photographer?

Before I begin telling you this entire story, let me just tell you that I absolutely will do anything for my friends.  It's just how I am.

I will even go sit at McAlister's in the middle of the day with a 50 year old creepy man talking to us about taking photographs.....because that's just the kind of sweet, genuine friend I am.

Okay so here is the story....

Brooke used to work at the restaurant in our town that is known for it's donuts.
Well, a few weeks back she told me about this customer that came in and gave her his business card. 
He said he was a photographer and he would pay her $200 dollars to let him photograph her.
Not too weird, but somehow getting her number, calling her "Stormy," and the purchasing of the outfits and makeup is the elements that makes this man creepy.

Not to mention he told us he is in his 50's (we think older, but whatever floats his boat).  

Saturday was the day we met up with him.
I told Brooke a public place is the only place I would go with her to meet this man.
He chose McAlister's and that was fine with us. 
We sat outside.
It was weird from the get-go. 

**Sidenote: I wanted to go by a code name of Reese.  If he asked for a last name, I would have immediately said Witherspoon. No shame. Love her.**

Okay, so back to the story...
We come up to the table outside and Brooke immediately tells the man my real name.
Must have been her nerves.
He even spelled it correctly - creepy. Nobody gets my name right the first time.

We sit down and he pulls out the lipsticks that he thinks would look good on Brooke.
Tells her that he likes the red one, but if she likes the dark pink - that's good too.

He talks the entire time about previous women he took pictures of - did not have a portfolio of them but actual old, smelly picture frames. 
By this time, I cannot take him seriously.
Between a couple phone calls I received, he asks me if I want to also be photographed. 
I told him: no thank you. 

He keeps saying that "Brooke is so beautiful it is fogging up his glasses."
Takes his glasses off at least 3 times and wipes his face.
I am about to burst in laughter.
This old man was completely serious.

The real kicker: 
He kept telling us he is very private about his photos -- but told us each model's full name/what year and where he took the photo/and who that girl ended up marrying; will need you to sign a model release form or a certain company won't work with him, has written 2 books, showed us the books (they looked like pamphlets), writes poems and puts the picture he takes of you with the poem, will give Brooke one of the books pamplets when she gets her photo taken, and even sang us a song that his mother sang when she used to make pies.

Guys, I just can't even begin to describe how creepy and weird that whole experience was.

It was by far one of the best things to bond me and Brooke together for life.
I am positive neither one of us will ever forget this.
I mean I know I won't -- but if I do, I will just come read it again off my blog.

Just in case y'all are still wondering if I made this whole blog post up, I didn't and here is proof: 

Showing her the dress he picked out for her.

It all went in Brooke's car when we left: the lipsticks, the dress that smelled like him (not great) and the uncontrollable laughter that I hope I never stop getting a chuckle from. 

So now I just have to ask: 

Anything interesting/funny happen to you this weekend?? 


  1. I laughed so much reading this story, I'm sure he was harmless, but seems a bit creepy!

  2. My husband set all the clocks (Apart from his phone) back an hour yesterday to play a prank on me and our foster son - it's very funny looking back at it but I was sooooo annoyed yesterday morning!

    My friends Charlie and Owen who play drums and sing in the church band (respsectively) thought it was hilarious and both laughed a heck of a lot when I told them.

    (I found you via your Sponsor Highlight on Explore. Dream. Discover and I followed)

  3. Hey! I found you on Style Me Swanky and I love your blog! :)

  4. Hi Cassie, I was on Explore Dream Discover blog and saw your post! Wanted to let you know I'm a new follower. Great blog. Funny/mostly creepy story! Eek!


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