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I need YOUR help.

So you know how I told you that I decided to run my first half marathon and I can't even run a mile?

Well, guess what: I also signed up to become a St. Jude Hero - which basically means raise a minimum of $2500.00. After you raise the minimum amount, you can reserve a hotel room.

I'm not gonna lie to you guys; I really thought when I signed up I could just be like, "hey, I want a room at the Double Tree."
And they were like, "not yet girlfriend."

So I need your help.

I want to try to raise this money faster than normal.
I thought I could raise the money up until November 30th.
But since the hotel rooms are first come, first serve.....
If I slack off and don't get proactive about this, my half-marathon self will be sleeping under a bridge in Memphis in December.

How can I help, Cass?
Well, thanks for asking.

St. Jude has been oh so nice and has made me a fundraising page (shout out to Stacy Ceballos who already donated $25 dollars yesterday - very grateful to you dear).

My fundraising page is located here.

**Special thank you to SR for putting my goal on her blog post last night.**

I want this post to stay witty and I hope I don't come off as Uncle Sam saying:
I want yo moneyyy.

To counteract begging for $$, I want to offer a few incentives for donating to this worthy cause...

If you donate (and email me that you did) you will receive:
  • A personal thank you here on my blog - I will also link your blog for other readers to find you (if you have one)
  • A response back to the email you send me with a very big thank you and maybe a joke or two.
  • And last but not least, I will put your name in a giveaway that I will be having solely for those who contribute any amount of money to St. Jude from my page.

I will admit, I do not know anyone personally who has ever had to go to St. Jude and honestly, I hope I never do.
But this hospital does so much for everyone that has to go in their doors, so I figured this was the least I can do.

I hope you will follow me on this journey - if you can't donate any money, I completely understand.
I have up until November 30th to find someone brave enough to sleep under that bridge with me.

Totally kidding, maybe :)

Happy Thursday Y'all!


  1. Do not believe always on this kind of schemes. In many cases they are fraud and you can not get your money back or hotels do not take any kind of responsibility after that.
    yosemite cabin

  2. This is a pretty well known organization and fundraiser... so I'm pretty sure it's legit... I will try to make sure I donate after I get paid. I expect a joke in the response e-mail.

  3. @paula: I ran their 5k last year and witnessed many people wearing the St. Jude Heroes shirts so I promise you it is a legit cause and that they have this marathon weekend put together very well.

    @sassy: thanks for backing me up girl and I appreciate you donating after you get paid, I'm struggling til payday as we speak ha ha. And a joke will be there, for sure.

  4. It's totally legit. I ran this last year as my first half marathon and it is the greatest race! You will love it. Good luck on your training. =)

  5. good luck! i signed up for team in training a few years back and remember how stressful it was raising money so i sent some dolla dolla bills your way! :) ill send you an email so you know who the heck i am!

  6. Love this, you can so do it!

    I'll be sure to donate too.


  7. I've sponsored you! I doubt I will ever be able to run a marathon but I love to sponsor my friends who do! Well Done lady!

  8. I got an email from St. Jude @kimberly rae and @hannah J - thank you thank you thank you! You girls are awesome!

    @Tabitha - thank you for your support girl - did you finish reading the book I sent you yet? :)

    @Shannon: thank you for the encouragement and I'm glad to know someone else has done the half in Memphis. :)


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