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It's halfway through the week.....

and it is STILL raining.

I am so over this rain - I know I wrote Saturday that I cleaned my car inside and out. Well, truth is...I only cleaned the windows on the outside.
Didn't completely wash it and should have.
I honestly had no idea Mother Nature read my blog.

Dear Mother Nature,
Enough already, girl.
My car is clean now.

I'm gaining weight because I'm inside all day.


I also just wanted to pop in and say something to each one of you lovely followers:

Thank you.

Thank you for being my follower and leaving me a comment.
I read them all and I cannot wait to get back home tonight and fully get back into blogging.

I thought this week would be easy, but it has turned into the opposite.
Work is a nightmare - I mean that literally.
I had a dream the other night that I didn't go to work until 2 pm AND I only showed up in basketball shorts and flip flops. I don't even own basketball shorts.

Onto better news:
I promise to have 3 more posts before we get into the weekend.


I am also warning you that my BL Update might be upsetting for me this week.
Who wants to run in the rain?
Not me.

What is keeping you going today?


  1. I'm still going because it is Wednesday and that means I have the day off tomorrow :) Love your blog!


  2. I'm a brand new follower and blogger and I'm loving your blog! Your blog is definitely an inspiration :D


  3. Tomorrows my Friday! Whoop Whoop.

    PS. its been sunny here the last 3 daysl.. hehehe


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