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Pre-Birthday Extravaganza...

I know I have mentioned quite a few times how much I love doing things for my friends to make them feel special.  

Well, what is better than blindfolding someone and taking them out on the town for their birthday?

Absolutely nothing. 
I had so much fun seeing her talk to me in my car not knowing where she was going and just singing along with a bandana face mask.

First stop: PEDICURE time. 
We both got hot pink toenails, read silly Cosmo magazines and enjoyed our spa time.

Second stop: Five Guys for lunch.
[Her boyfriend and I were secretly texting to make sure he could sneak in with a Birthday Gigi's cupcake and surprise her -- it worked perfectly].

I made sure to put my purse in one chair and make sure I sat in the other. She just sat with her back to the door like no big deal and started talking about American Idol when he comes up behind her and grabs her attention. It was awesome that we pulled it off without a hitch - because Kristin can figure out anything, seriously. 

Recap of the whole Saturday morning.

Later that night was another Premier Jewelry party.
Even though I never wear jewelry (because I'm allergic) I am really starting to dig these jewelry parties. I even wore 3 pieces like Vickie Chapman wants us too.

(gold necklace, new gold bracelet, and gold ring)


Kristin's birthday is actually today, Monday.
I'm sure we will go to dinner tonight after her full day of working and school.

But since it is her birthday, 
You know I have a particular post that I do...

10 things Kristin has taught me:

You are stronger than you realize.

Push yourself beyond your regular limits, you never know what will happen. 

Be kind to everyone. You never know what they are dealing with.

Smile and carry on a conversation with people, even when you really don't want to.

Keep your morals and never let anyone change you. You are doing the right thing by waiting.

Above all other opinions from trusted family members/family....PRAY. It is the one thing you can do on Earth that works every time.

Love your family and friends, especially when they don't reciprocate it back to you. 

Even if you don't feel good, put on eyeliner/mascara. It will help.

Work hard even when you fail at something; keep trying - you will succeed. 

Be passionate about 4 things in life: your FAITH, your FAMILY, your FRIENDSHIPS, and your team in FOOTBALL. 


I hope you have had a fantastic birthday weekend and that today is extra special.  You deserve the best because you are the best to a lot of people.

Your my BEST friend and I cannot wish you enough happiness today.



  1. April babies are awesome :D My birthday was on Friday - My parents, friends and other family members pulled off a surprise party for me

  2. Aww happy belated birthday Hannah! I bet that surprise party was fun - I think my mom is trying to do that for me, but she asked me who I wanted to be there and their phone numbers so no real surprise there ha ha.


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