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Some EXCITING things have happened this week.

After telling you guys about skydiving, I bet your like "there are more exciting things than that?"

Well there is and I am not going to hesitate to tell you.

I received an email on Tuesday saying I could pre-register to be a St. Jude Hero during the weekend of December 1st this year.

And then I made a decision that I know once it's said and done, I won't forget:

I'm going to....
run my first HALF marathon.

I'm also going to become a St. Jude Hero - raise $2500.00 for their medical research - and get to stay at the DoubleTree; because if we are being honest here, their beds are divine.  I have only stayed there once and it was like sleeping on a cloud.

If that wasn't exciting enough....

you will never guess who RT'd me Wednesday:


If you don't know who he is, then you just don't watch MTV.
He is by far the hottest 40 year old I have ever seen and now I cannot stop smiling.

A celebrity FINALLY RT'd me on twitter.
My life has been made. 

Well maybe if @channingtatum said 'hey cass, your cute' that would really make my life but this will definitely work.

Let's recap my life with MTV celebs real quick: 

Vinny shook my hand.
Brad 'liked' my comment on his little boy's photo on facebook.
Mark Long has RT'd me on twitter.

Yep, I'm happy.


Now if that wasn't enough happiness, my sister sent me a text message last night that started off saying:  

Your recipe from Kindergarten.

Obviously this has to be good. 
Here is the recipe: 

I am so happy to know that at the age of 5 I still had the witty factor.  

I also want to add that I thought I never liked 7 up - guess I did; 
I would never in a million years trade pink jelly beans for purple ones these days. 
Pink candy is the best.


  1. So much going on here! I LOVE Mark Long! He doesn't look 40 and I hope he does another challenge!

    Amazing re: St Jude Hero!

  2. haha nice! This sparks a post idea for me too...I had Kimora Lee Simmons tweet to me several months ago. It made my heart sing.

    It's silly, but still a thrill!

  3. @Melissa: I hope he does too!! And thank you about the St. Jude comment. :)

    @Jessica: Isn't it awesome?! The sillier, the better in my book :)


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