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25 to Life (Part 2)

Thanks for coming back for the 'night' part of my birthday.

Okay, so after I changed into my sister's clothes, we headed to the restaurant.
Keifers, to be exact.
Keifer's is a Greek restaurant that always makes me feel at home when I get there. 

I had no idea who exactly was going to show up and my sister went all out for my birthday. 
From a balloon bigger than me to homemade cupcakes to a scrapbook made of us from the time we were little and sweet notes on each page. 
(obviously that made me cry) 

Most of my close friends were there too. 
I felt so special that day, seriously.

Here are pictures of that night...

I make my friends laugh, hard.

Me and my sister's boyfriend (of almost a year and a half), that day we became facebook friends.
It's official now, yall. 

Thank you for everything you did for me on my birthday.
It means more than you know. 

This guy (who is my best friend of the male species) put our whole setup together. 
My tables were next to another girl who was celebrating her birthday and he left the flat screen on basketball and never changed it to American Idol.
(some of my crew was big Skylar fans and were pissed, I of course care nothing about AI.)

As you can see, I basically had a wonderful day.

Thank you for wishing me a HAPPY birthday if you did.
But you can keep them coming because...
I am celebrating until June 2nd. 
A whole month, yall.

If you don't believe me, wait until Friday's post. (: 

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