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The FINAL BL Update.

Alright you guys, it is over.

The Biggest Loser at work ended today.

I just went and weighed in and I am happy to report that I maintained my weight from last week at a whopping 158.6!

But Cass, didn't you eat birthday cake/2 cupcakes/french fries?
Yes, yes I did and I was able to maintain it!

That my dears is definitely a birthday surprise.
 So if I can think back to where I was at the beginning....


7 pounds in 3 months is not as good as I could have done but 7 pounds is a great thing!
I am happy with myself for taking on this challenge.
I am going to keep going with this weight-loss because it isn't just a 12 week challenge,
it truly is a lifestyle change.

I will get back down to 130 - not sure what year that will be, but I will get to it.


Now onto what everyone wants to know about:

Who won my Birthday/St. Jude giveaway?

Thank you two so so so much for donating to St. Jude! And happy Belated birthday Shae!

Now girls you know what you gotta do now:
  • Email me and tell me where you live so I can send you something in the mail :) Further instructions will be sent back by me.

Happy Friday Everyone - and to the other 3 girls that donated to St. Jude, I thank you so so so much!
Your name is under the St. Jude 2012 page at the top of my blog.

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  1. Ahh! Omg! I've never won a giveaway before! Whoop whoop! Emailing you now! & congrats on the weight maintain during bday week!! That truly is unheard of!!!


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