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Giving is Receiving.....Part 1

I hope everyone had a wonderful day with their mother's yesterday.  
Today, I have a treat for you guys - a new blog to check out!! 
Shae is one of the girls that donated to my fundraising page for St. Jude AND we have the same birthday (different year) so obviously she is AWESOME. 
Take time to go to her page today and say hello! 


Hi Cassie's Friends!! 
I'm Shae, and I blog over here.
I don't have a cool name for my blog, but I am welcome to YOUR suggestions. 

I am a 23 year old Oklahoma girl.  I live on a sheep farm turned cattle ranch with horses and love any excuse to wear my boots and spurs!  Many of my friends are from the city and just last week, I convinced one of them that hay bales are actually called 'tractor poop.' #countryhumor 

Once in college, while walking to campus, a truck hit me.
But good news - I lived to tell the story!
I graduated in 2010 from Oklahoma STATE University, and now work in the land of the enemy (OU), better known as Norman.
I love all things OSU, and wear America's Brightest Orange as often as possible.

I am also a HUGE fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder.  If you have the capability to hook me up with my #ThunderCrush, Nick Collison, you will earn the title of best friend forever. Seriously.

I'd love to have you join me on my adventures!!

If you like people who pretend to be sports bloggers, love road trips, wear heels to hunt Easter eggs, and occasionally talk about the back side of a steer, we will probably be friends.

You can view my: 

I can't wait to meet you!! 


  1. I love the idea that hay bales are tractor poop! Awesome!

  2. SO glad you had Shae guest blog---we have so much in common! I grew up on a cattle/sheep ranch and graduated from Oklahoma State too! I'll totally be following her now. :)



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