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Harry Potter = Happiness

This past Thursday night was one that I will always remember. 

Kara had been tweeting a few weeks back that she wanted a Harry Potter themed birthday party and we tried to play it off like "that may not happen."
But secretly, we were planning just that. 

With one swish of my wand, we got the party going...

The Birthday Girl and her "Butter Beer"

Oh, I'm sure yall are all wondering what I got Kara for her birthday: 

Well, You know I wanted to make it Harry Potter themed so I had specifics:
  • A black basket filled with red tissue paper
  • A mason jar that had a creepy label on it named Bloody Muggle Candy (actually Swedish fish)
  • A guide to Bert Bernie's jelly beans (earwax, grass, etc) from the movie but actual Jelly Belly candies to go with it
  • A poem/birthday card in a frame for her to keep forever if she wants to
  • And a bracelet that has her initial and pearl hanging from it.

To say that I had a good time at Kara's Harry Potter themed party would be well, an understatement.

I have suddenly realized that not only do I love to dress up in crazy costumes; but I love dressing up even more with my second family, the Pattersons.

They embrace fun and I hope I'm half the mom Mrs. Cheryl/Brooke is when I have kids.

I was even talked into going out that night and Brooke said she would fix my nappy hair: 

I personally think she did a fabulous job.

I hope that you have had a wonderful 19th birthday.  Like I told you already walking into the club, "I don't remember much about my 19th birthday but you are already having a better one than I did."

I love you to the moon and back.

Muggle Cassie (: 


  1. How sweet! That party was magical! You girls did a great job!

  2. Awee that was so sweet how you guys threw that themed party for her! And of course it's the best theme EVER!! Can I have you throw me a magical Harry Potter theme birthday party? Except I'd want my cake to look like Hagrid's cake to Harry on his 11th birthday, hah!

  3. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

  4. I LOVE this!! Harry Potter parties are always SO fun!!!


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