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NOLA, Round two.

Sunday was a complete turnaround from the happenings of Saturday night.
I only got a few hours of sleep before it was time to get ready and go out for the day.
Colleen, Lila and Claire had to go back home so I made sure to hug them by before we began walking downtown.

Our first stop was lunch of course.
We walked down one road that I had never walked down before and I called it "Antique Street."  Literally, all we wanted to do was eat a good lunch, not find a peice of pottery from 1542.
We found a Pat O'Brian's and was like, YES! FOOD!
We ask the man at the door if they are serving food and he was like, that is at our other location on Bourbon Street.
We thought we were far off from that, so we were like "oookay, thanks anyway."
Starving, we turn another corner and all of a sudden I see the "Cat's Meow."
I'm like, are we on Bourbon Street?
Turns out, we were.
Turns out, Bourbon Street is almost completely unrecognizable during the day.
Who knew.

Anywho, we ended up getting lunch at a place called Johnny White's.
It was the best meal. So yummy.
Me and Kara got chicken ceaser salads, Brooke and Nikki got the red beans and rice, and Taylor got a hamburger and french fries.  Taylor's looked so good but considering thats what I ordered at Bubba Gump's the night before and then saw it again - I was like no, thanks.
Lunch was awesome.
Our waiter was presh and gave us a bunch of good advice about what to do and not to do in New Orleans.
What I really loved was his passion for his job - he said that being a waiter here was his favorite job so far in life.  His zest for his job made me think why I don't have passion like that - when am I going to find a job that makes me feel that way?
[okay maybe too much in depth-ness here. I'll leave that for a whole 'nother blog post.]
When we left him with a generous tip, we made our way to the Jackson Square.
Time for caricatures, window shopping, palm readings, and Cafe Du Monde.
We did all 4; well palm readings turned into a spiritual tarot card reading but tomato, tomata.
I have a video of her telling me my whole life in tarot cards but it's over 20 minutes long so I won't go into that.
I'll just give you the 3 high points:
1. I need to take a bath in milk and wash the devil out of me.

2. I need to get myself together first and some goddess is getting men that aren't any good for me out of my way.

3.  I won't be at this job forever and I need to write my book.
Brooke, Taylor and I all did the tarot card reading.
Brooke and I are the only ones that did caricatures.
Then it was on to Cafe Du Monde.
Taylor's first experience and it was good, as always.

Of course, we also walked around the park and threw a penny in the fountain...

once we could all get a penny...

Back to the hotel around 6:30 to relax/get ready for dinner.
Around 9 we made our way to the Hard Rock Cafe.
There, the girls ordered more drinks (Sweet Tea for me) and then our food.
I enjoyed my house salad and fries and everyone's pickles from their hamburgers.
Once again, just couldn't bring myself to order one.
After dinner, we walked back to our hotel to get ready for round 2.
I swore that no alcohol would touch my lips and that we would have a great time.
Somehow, everything got accomplished.

Our first stop was the Cat's Meow because well, Taylor is an excellent karaoke singer.
Brooke and I decided we would be the background singers/dancers.
Kara said she hadn't had enough to drink to do that and Nikki was our designated videographer.
We sang, Hollaback girl, by Gwen Stefani.
It was ridiculous.
And all five people in the audience clapped for us.
After that, we made our way to a un-mentionable place that will not be forgotten, ever.
We met 3 British guys at this place and when we left the guy that walked/talked with me was named Stu.
He reminded me of Jason Mraz and when I went to hug him, he smelled of Fierce.
Fierce, aka the guy cologne I asked my mom for 2 Christmases ago because I'm obsessed with that smell.
So, obviously I made out with him.
Stu didn't ask for my number or get creepy on me like guy from night #1.
It was just a cute, harmless makeout session in the middle of the street with a guy from England.
Now that, my friends, is exactly how it should be.


  1. That's crazy what bourbon street looks like during the day! Lovely pictures!

  2. I didn't mention the unmentionable place either. Hahaha. This made me chuckle! Have you taken that milk bath yet?! Haha.

  3. Thanks Kelly!

    @Taylor: I saw that and made me chuckle too! And no, you know I don't have any jasmine/flowers/tealight candles to light and soak in.


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