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Not a normal Training Tuesday...

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

As y'all know it's Training Tuesday...
but I am sad to report that I did not exercise as much as I should have this week:

I walked at the park once.
Swam a couple laps this past weekend.
And watched P90x as I laid on the floor.

Since I did not work out much at all (and will be better this week)...
I want to start a new section of my Tuesday posts:
After I tell you about my past training week, 
I want to introduce you to someone who actually works out.

First up: 
My beauty queen friend, Kathleen, who recently got engaged to her soon-to-be-doctor boy.
I met her at a particular gym and then she stopped going there because I intimidated her.
Yep, totally true false.


Training Tuesday: Bridal Body

Hello fabulous Always a Blogsmaid readers!! 
So honored and thrilled to be asked by Cassie to guest post on her very first Training Tuesday.  

My name is Kathleen and I’m the creator of Carrie Bradshaw Lied.

I have had the pleasure of guest posting for Miss Cassie (or as I like to call her “Cass-ie-frass”) in the past and you can see that post here.  

Well this post today will be a little different.  
Today we are talking about trimming down for the big day.  
And by big day I mean wedding day.  

As a bride myself (you can see related posts about my engagement and wedding shenanigans herehere and here), I certainly feel the pressures to look like my best self and feel confident on my wedding day. 

I don’t want to lose 25 lbs. and be unrecognizable by ANY means, but I absolutely want to feel great and look like the best version of me, don’t we all?

As you can see by our wedding date in the photo, I have some time in my favor.  I was a member of a gym for two years and loved it, but I got stuck in the same routine every week.  When my membership was over, I knew it was time to mix it up.

I’ve been painfully cutting carbs (reality: what we’ve always heard is true—less processed food and more protein and vegetables/fruits -- it works) and mixing up my exercise routine by sweating buckets with Jillian Michaels and getting lean doing my favorite Pilates DVD.

Staying committed to exercising 5x a week is much easier when you can dedicate less than 30 minutes and get the sculpted look you’re trying to achieve.

Personally, I strongly believe our weight/shape is 85% the result of what food we put into our bodies.  Exercising and creating some tone in your shape is just the icing on top.  Watching my food intake and working out for only 30 minutes on the weekdays is going to help slip into one of these and feel like my most slender self.

Or so I’m choosing to believe.

So there you have it – no BIG secret but Kathleen’s simple plan for trying to get fit for wedding.

For fashion and style tips, home d├ęcor design, recipes, fitness tips and much more, please visit and follow my blog, Carrie Bradshaw Lied!

BIG thanks to Cassie for inviting me to participate in her Training Tuesday series. I’m no marathon runner but rather a girl looking for a quick fix for some last minute toning!!




You heard her, go visit her page now and FOLLOW her blog.
You won't want to miss out on everything this girl has to say, seriously. 
Thank you Kittycat. :) 

Also, if you exercise more than me, please email me at cassandralynn23@gmail.com.
I would love to feature you and your lifestyle on a Tuesday soon.


  1. Thank you so much Cassie!!! Lots of love XO

  2. Great tips! Thank you both!

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