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Superdome or Mapquest? You can't look at both.

My birthday weekend had it's ups and downs, as did my stomach.
But you know what?
It made memories and I feel more bonded with each one of my girls so I won't look at this weekend as anything other than a fantastic memory.

Saturday I woke up around 9 a.m. and started getting ready for the trip.
Washed the gross part of my spray tan off and once Taylor came over, we packed up the car and headed out.

We were doing great on time.
Had lunch at a less than fabulous Wendy's in Louisiana.
Thought we would be pulling up at the hotel right at 3 to check in.....nope.
Somehow we missed our exit because we stared to long at the Superdome.

Next thing I know, we are headed over a huge bridge and I begin to freak out.
I hate getting turned around and not knowing exactly where to go.
Thank goodness my sister drove us or I would have stopped on that bridge and cried.

We ended up on a toll bridge, paid $1.00, and got back on the other side.
Took an exit and boom, we were there.
Safe and sound, finally.

I booked our rooms at the Parc St. Charles and since our trip in January, they decided to renovate.
The whole lobby looked completely barren but the staff is so nice.
The service and the air conditioning in the rooms is what keeps bringing me back to this hotel.
I love it and I definitely recommend staying here.
It is about 2 blocks from Canal Street and just in a good location if you ask me.

So we unpacked a little, rested up and waited on the rest of my girls to get there.
Once everyone made their way up to the 7th floor and gave me presents...
we made our way out to eat:
Bubba Gump's, yall.

The food was pretty good but I didn't each much of it.
Everyone else ordered some drinks and then we went back to the hotel to get ready for what I thought was going to be a long night on Bourbon.
Turns out, I was wrong.
Here are some photos of us getting ready:

[all of my girls]

I don't want to write a novel so I will try and shorthand the rest of the night into a poem.
Here goes nothing....

Went to The Beach first and got a regular coke to drink,
Even paid the bathroom attendant to let me use her sink.

I had to use the sink because a girl spilled red on my dress from one shot,
Yelled at me and the guy I was dancing with - which made me livid or HOT.

Shouldn't have drank that one blue test tube,
but did and I now know I will never drink again - not breaking news.

Walked down the street and began to feel the opposite of Megan Fox,
so my mouth led me to lean over and throw up in a cardboard box.

The guy I danced with still wanted to hold my hand and kiss,
but in the end, all I did was give him my number and a diss.

I was not happy with how Saturday night turned out,
but Sunday had a turn of events that you don't want to doubt.

Come back tomorrow for Sunday's post,
I would say it was a blast, but who am I to boast?

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  1. oh how i have vommed in numerous cardboard boxes on bourbon street. sounds like you had a blast!


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