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You may not know this about me but I love #hashtags.
However, I absolutely HATE them on facebook.
This symbol --> # is for twitter and Instagram only, in my opinion.

Now with that being said, I also love Kristen Bell.

The girl who is in love with the ridiculous Dax Sheppard, main character of one of my favorite movies When In Rome, and the girl behind the voice of Gossip Girl.
Obviously, I follow her on Twitter. 

@IMKristenBell is her twitter name.
She tweeted yesterday with the hashtag #30dayhomies.
I was curious to know what she was talking about.

Basically, #30dayhomies is just a hashtag to describe working out every single day for 30 days.
Since June has 30 days in it, this seems like a no brainer for me.
I need to work out.
I should work out.
I should take on a challenge.

Per Kristen, it doesn't matter what activity you do either.
It could be walking 2 miles, swimming, hiking, riding a bike, taking a barre class, breakdancing in a parking lot, etc.

Whatever gets your blood pumping and your legs moving is considered exercise.
Each day you hashtag #30dayhomies once you have done whatever exercise you chose.
Exercise is a 'you' thing.
You are the only one who can do it.

So I am starting this challenge on June 1st.
Basically, today.
Join me?

If you accept/want to do this challenge with me, write a comment below saying:
I wanna be a #30dayhomie. 
Follow me @inthebasketcass on twitter for my updates.
And leave your twitter name and I will follow you as well. 



  1. How INSANE that we BOTH decided to do a 30 day challenge so spontaneously AND on the same day?! Best friends I tell ya! Mine is a running steak... So I'll be joining you by MAKING myself do a mile every day from TODAY thru July 1! Good luck to us!!

  2. AWESOME!!!! I wanna be a #30dayhomie. What a great way to kick off summer. Good luck to everyone.

  3. I just saw KB's posts on Twitter two days ago! Contemplating on starting it as well. Whaddya say?! Let'd do it girl. #30dayhomie. My twitter handle is @Lifeislikefood :)

  4. I wanna be a #30dayhomie. I'm on day 3 and loving it. My twitter name is @nolebeachgirl14


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