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Training Tuesday

I had so much fun keeping you guys updated on my weight loss with the BL Update.

Now that is over I want to start a new post called:

Training Tuesday!

This post will be about everything I did the week before. Just to keep myself accountable with my training and you guys updated. It will be what I did each day of the week and if I ate anything healthy/great that helped me on my runs.

I want to really focus on being the best version of myself and I feel like this blog gives me the motivation to go out and do those things so I can obviously report back about it.


If you follow me on twitter, you have probably seen my updates from my c25k app that I have uploaded. I started off very slow with this app - meaning I have had it for over a month but I am just now using it 3 times a week. This past week (May 7-13) was my FIRST real week of training. This was what my schedule looked like:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Week 1 of c25k

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Week 1 of c25k

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Planned on doing a 'long(ish) run'
[got dressed at 9 a.m., got in my car and it started raining. So what did I do? Went and picked up my sister and went through the Burger King Drive Thru - felt like crap all day. Hmm.]

Sunday: Advanced to a week 2 day of c25k - a little more advanced and a great workout.

I have come to the realization that I could like running.

I just have a few reserves - I want to be able to run this half marathon with ease. Ease meaning in my breathing. I have been reading running blogs for some time now - even websites, such as www.runningworld.com. But I am not sure how I should be breathing. I have always heard "in through your nose, out through your mouth." I am doing that technique and I feel like I can't get deep enough breaths and am thankful when the c25k lady says to "begin walking." If I am running out of breath after 2 minutes, I am not going to last 2+ hours in a half marathon.

Next up,
I want to do this running thing right - with little to no injuries/pain.

I also read online that each runner has their own form when they run but some are more efficient than others. For example, don't run leaning forward, looking at the ground, etc. I have tried the past 3 runs to make sure my form was proper. I would run with my chest up and shoulders back, didn't look down at the ground, tried to keep my pace where I could also talk to someone if needed but sometimes I couldn't, tried to breathe the way I've read, etc...

I still don't know how you runner's do it - focusing on all that (oh, and running) is difficult. I feel that if I focus on these things in the beginning then it will soon become second nature and I won't have to do that as much later on in my training season.
Am I right?

I think I should start taking glucosamine.

One of my best friends, Nicole, who wrote a guest post on running here for me swears by taking these joint pills to help me.

I am already taking my gummy vitamins every day with a full glass of water.
I think adding these glucosamine pills will help me to be able to run more without feeling the side effects.
{Ex: running with proper form Sunday afternoon made my left shoulder hurt just a tad.]

Also, I read somewhere that you can take green tea pills and that will give you more natural energy?

So questions I have for you, yes YOU:

1. What is the best way to breathe while running?

2. Do you believe in a proper running form or just once you build your endurance, you can run however you want?

3. Do you/would you take glucosamine pills to keep your joints flexible? Green tea pills for energy?

Please leave a comment below and go check out Haley's Running tips here.
She wrote a post for me and any of you who want to learn how to run. 
[FYI: I am obsessed with her blog and her fashion style. We are hoping to meet up one day in real life. Whoo-hoo for the blog world]


  1. Props to you for spending so much time getting into running! I would recommend looking for a running group of some sort in your area, where you can go run with other people. They will have tips and tricks that they use and it will help you, plus get you motivated to run because you are meeting them.

    I don't take that supplement but I take iron sometimes because I get really tired when I'm running a lot and I think my iron levels dip, which is common for women.

  2. Oh my goodness thank you so much for the sweet mention!! I'm glad you brought this stuff up too... because I think you have such good points and they are things I haven't thought of in awhile (good sign, right?). I used to focus on breathing too but then as my endurance built up it just came natural. I think if you don't focus on it- breathing correctly or the fact that you're out of breath- it'll work itself out. I could be wrong? Like I've said a million times, I'm not a pro.

    As far as form goes the only things I focus on (but not anymore because, yes, they do come naturally now!) are looking forwards... even if it is towards the ground just ahead so your head is up and also not clinching my fists. My PE teacher told me to pretend you're holding potato chips so you aren't flopping your hands around but also not adding tension.

    So pumped for these updates!!!

  3. Yayy running! lol. gahhh i used to run 10 miles a day, FOR FUN (creep!) but nowi just get so bored with it.

    in terms of breathing, yes in through the nose out through the mouth is the best but if you are getting winded that is not gonna to be maintable for long. i usually start out that way but then end up just breathing through my mouth the whole time because i'm out of breath!

    in terms of form, the reason why they tell you to run a certain way is because it uses less energy in the long run. it's hard to concentrate on at first but then it becomes natural. the biggest thing i would say is with your arms - they should be perpendicular to your body, not crossing your chest. if you run with your arms crossing your chest it's like your literally blocking yourself from moving forward. i like haley's comment above about running like your holding potato chips .. the way i learned it is to run like your arms are pulling ropes.

    also, i definitely need to take glucosamine bc my knees are efffed!! i dont know what i'm waiting for!! good luck!

    (also, i recommend skinnyrunner.com if you haven't visited her site yet, she's hilarious and an amazing runner!)

  4. & by perpendicular i meant parallel! d'oh!

  5. glad to see the C25K is (mostly) working out well for you!! Check out the blog Bellaspire (http://www.bellaspire.com/)- the two girls the write it are PA's and wicked fit and they just had a post about long distance running tips!


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