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Are you sick of birthday posts yet? 
I sure hope not because today is...

 MY 25th Birthday! 

(picture from turning 24)

I put this picture up because I wish SO many things for this particular birthday.
25 to me seems like a big milestone, meaning I am halfway through my 20's.  I have lived quite a bit these first 5 years (college, graduating from a University, the whole job search, landing a career, buying my first car, etc).  

I want to live even more in these next 5 years but I won't get anywhere without realizing how far I've come.  

So what are some of the things I have learned so far?

  • I've learned that you are lucky if you have one true best friend. Any more than one, and you are truly blessed.
  • That you must work to get things you want. Also, the work is usually hard.
  • Life can be even better after your 'college years' are over, you just have to figure out how.
  • That God plans everything out for you in a certain way, be patient.
  • You will meet more than one person that changes your ideas of dating.  
  • Love who you are all the time.
I am sure there are many, many more things I have learned but these are the top ones off my brain right now. 

Tonight's birthday agenda: 

Dinner with family/friends at a local restaurant.
My mom has called people and invited them for me.
I can't wait to see who shows up tonight.

I also love today for a ridiculous reason: 
all the FB notifications I get.

I mean think about it, you never get this many wall posts any other day of the year, unless you get engaged/married/baby delivery day.
And let's get serious, I'm not doing any of those at 25. (: 

[i promise to have a non-birthday post tomorrow - and 2 winners of my St. Jude giveaway!]
Last day to enter everyone! :) 


  1. Happy Birthday lovely lady!!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL!! I randomly stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago and may or may not have fallen in love with it, haha. As an almost 25 year old, single lady, also trying to figure out what I'm doing with my life, I feel like I relate to a lot of your posts! Hope you enjoy your special day (or week)!! <3

  3. happy birthday! thanks for sharing your lessons!

  4. happy happy happy birthday!!! i love this post so so much! 25 is going to be so great, I just know it. :) xx.


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