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Until June 2nd.

I have never been one to be a diva.
With that being said, I am changing the rules of my birthday this year.
I have decided to celebrate from MAY 2 to JUNE 2. 

Here is what has happened so far: 

Obviously, cupcake eating.

Lila came to visit me the weekend of my birthday.
We laid out by the pool and went out on the town.
She came down last year for my birthday too.
She is a true friend, yo.

One of my best friends, Cupit, who has been mentioned before..
took me out to dinner last Wednesday night.
Mexican, margs and us two equals a great time.
Her telling our waiter it was my birthday was the icing on the cake my face.

And the big birthday event that solidifies my birthday month: 

That's right everyone.

This weekend = NOLA. 
Tomorrow to be exact.
That city makes me giddy and I cannot wait to be celebrating it with NINE of my best girlfriends (I'm still couting you as being there, Anna)

9 girls 
+ 2 hotel rooms 
= 1 unforgettable weekend.

P.S. I may have been super busy getting ready for this getaway.
Wednesday night = eyebrows waxed
Thursday night = getting my nails done
Friday night = spray tan

Okay, okay...maybe I have turned into a diva. ;)
Back to normal June 3rd.


  1. Haha you're not being a dive! Hello it's your birthday! I'm a may baby too! My birthdays the 27th! This sounds like a fabulous time! Love your cute blog new follower!!

  2. whaaaat?!?! so jealous!!! you'll have so much fun. I cannot wait to hear more about your preparation and obviously about the big weekend. I love that you're being a birthday diva, that is the best way to go.

  3. Fun! I literally start counting down my next birthday the day after it happens, your birthday is the best time to be a diva :) Can't wait to hear about your fabulous weekend!


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