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You know I would talk about it...

Fifty Shades of Grey

Have you read it yet?
I will not spoil anything for anyone of you but let me just tell you...

You MUST read this book if you enjoy books that you can't put down AND/OR also love reading those 2 pages in the back of the Cosmopolitan magazines. 

Trust me when I say that this book is HOT.

I am so glad my bff, Brooke, surprised me with it last week.

I started the book yesterday and I am already 200+ pages in.  

Purchase it.
Read it.
Get as obsessed as I am if you want. 
Because guess what?

There is talk that there will be a movie...
From what I have read...I am not sure how that is going to work but...

Here is who I choose for Mr. Christian Grey: 

Eric from True Blood.
Pretty much how I imagine Mr. Grey to be.
Tall, ridiculously good looking, powerful, rich, etc.

No idea who I would choose for Anastasia, 
that girl is one hot mess of a character.
It just cannot be Kristen from Twilight.
Cannot be.
I can't handle her anymore on my tv.
Let it go girl and smile. 

So anyone as obsessed with this book as I am?
Read it? Won't read it ever?
I will admit that I could realllly relate to Anastasia before chapter 8.

Do yo thang my man, proceed.


  1. I said the same thing for Christian!!!! Beefed up a little dark haired Eric!

  2. I read it and reviewed it here...
    It was interesting. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed but I couldn't put it down!

  3. HI there! Guess what - we just decided, this morning, to read this book for this months's book club! I am beyond excited to start now, after reading this rave review.

    Also, quick update: I am trying to find time to read True Whit so I can post about it & link to your giveaway that I won {!!} but with all these great reads it is proving to be a difficult task. It will happen before the summer is over!

  4. i started reading it at 8pm on sunday night and didnt stop until i was finished at 430 am, and then dreamed about it!! i couldn't put it down. i havent started book 2 yet, because i dont want to start until i know i can finish the whole thing. i cant imagine having to put it down for very long! talk about withdrawals

  5. @Sinead: I will go read it right now!

    @Elz: Take your time girl, no rush with True Whit - Honestly, I didn't read the entire thing, I just skimmed through it. Ha ha.

    @Whitney: I am surprised I didn't do that (stay up all night). It is really hard putting it down - I received a $25 dollar gift card to Barnes and Noble for my birthday and was like, what am I gonna spend this on? Uh, book 2 and 3 of this series, duh. Whoo-hoo! :)

  6. I've heard mixed reviews about it, but after this post and the comments I might buy it on my nook tonight..I'm curious as to what all the excitement is about!

  7. @Shelagh: Excitement is an understatement - buy it and let me know if you just don't get hooked, I doubt that happens ;)


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