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My FIRST time to the CIRCUS...

Hi, My name is Cassie and I'm 25 and six days ago I went to the Circus.
For the first time. 

I am so thankful Brooke asked me to tag along with her and Brailyn. 
I'm pretty sure I had more fun than Bray -- but if you ask her, she will swear she did.
It was so much fun to watch all those people show off their different talents and wow us.
They really did put on a great show.

My favorite parts were definitely the elephants doing handstands (made me think one day I could do one), the horse that "moonwalked" to a Michael Jackson song, and the guys and girls that did eye-popping moves on the two machines made out of steel.

I loved the elephant portion of the Circus. 
[and ironically I'm not talking about the 30 minutes I crammed the hot dog, popcorn and nachos down my throat]

Her one time to sit down during the second act.
She thought she was IN the circus. 

See that half-acrobatic move?

"Aunt Cass, please stop taking photos of me. I'm trying to enjoy the overpriced seats here in the nosebleed section." -B

"One more photo, and your gonna hear about it on the way home." -B

Once the circus was officially over, we headed back to the car.
Getting out of the parking lot is always a headache but Brailyn stayed awake through all of it.
Started playing with my hair when we were almost home and then this happened....

So obviously I took this photo to show her who the real boss is.
I took one more, Bray. 
One more.

I guess when you turn 4 and start reading this blog, we will have a discussion about it -- but until September 24th - I win.

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