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Training Tuesday (no photos)

I have no clue what my problem is these days - I did not last on the #30dayhomies goal, I haven't ran in probably over a month, and I have no desire to work out. The thing that scares me/makes me nervous about this half-marathon is the feeling of I "can't" do it. I'm 25 - I should be more wayyy more active than I am right now. I should be in the best shape of my life, but I'm gonna be honest - Most days I just don't care. I don't care whether I work out, some days I'd rather just eat Wendy's fries and call it a day.

Now onto the positive side: I do think "how could I work out today?" every day now. I know that is a good thing.

I also have a love/hate relationship with yoga. I know I love the feeling I get after the class is over but the actual stretching of your body in ways you haven't before isn't wonderful (at the time). A couple weeks ago I started doing some P90x yoga and one afternoon, my shoulder popped. However, it didn't hurt and I kept doing the moves. But now, every other day or so I get a pain in my shoulder and it is usually at night when I am laying straight down.

The other day, as I was riding in the car with my mom, we both came to the realization that I still have my 19-year-old dancer mindset when it comes to me doing anything physical. I think that I have to be able to keep up with the instructor - that I must be able to catch on quickly. My years as a dancer is what has embedded me this way. "Cass, you must learn this dance in the next hour and be ready to perform it." I keep that mindset and it is just causing a downhill spiral 6 years later. I can't do everything I could do right out of high school. I am not that same person, mentally or physically.

Now that you have read me complain on Training Tuesday, don't you want to have someone else who is happy/raring to go?
Email me at cassandralynn23@gmail.com and be my next blog showcase - you don't even have to work out if you don't want to - just want to get your blog out there?
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  1. ahh! i know exactly how you feel!

    because i used to be a craaazzyyy runner (running morning and nights, 10miles a day total) now that i can't run that far i get mad at myself, think i should be able to, give up and then miss several days in a row. no buenO!

    the best motivation for me has been signing up for an ultimate frisbee team (i know! haha) that plays every sunday! it's just constant running so i dont want to be out of shape on the field and plus the worst case scenario is that at least ive worked out one day a week!

    if you come up with any good motivators, let me know! :)

  2. Oh my gosh I feel you gorgeous, some times its SOOO hard to get moving, I'm a bit older, 28, but still not totally old. I was a dance from 3-16 and I still have the impression of myself that I'm flexible, umm nope, not like I used to be. You can do it!! When is your race?

    I'll do it! I love your blog.


  3. Oh lady... I totally feel you. I haven't ran in like 2 weeks. And when I do run, its like a jog/walk because I suck at running. I cant breathe. I literally cannot run. I was never a dancer. Or anything graceful. That's probably my problem.

  4. Start with a MILE. Build up min. by min until you get to jogging/running 1 mile. Then onto the next... it's how I did it and I just started all over again. Not even to a full mile solid yet but I'll get there and you can to. It does have to become a priority though or it won't get easier. At least not for me if I miss more than 2 days running I feel like I have to start back over. Figure out what works for you and make time for it in your life.

    That might mean waking up at 5am to go to the gym Before work that way it's over and done. It's soooo hard getting out of the bed but if you can make yourself do it you'll see the difference! :)

  5. You and me both girl. #30dayhomie super fail. I read this article on yoga that I thought you'd find interesting though! I read it and now it makes me want to do yoga way more. http://thoughtcatalog.com/2012/turtle-girl-tries-yoga/

    I need a new work out plan!

  6. Thank you girls for being able to relate to my problem. The 104+ temps everyday is really what is getting me down at the moment. However, we might be having a treadmill in our house soon - that will work!


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