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Training Tuesday

Well, I am posting this on Monday night because things are getting cray at work.
But just think of this as a Tuesday post, k?

I was more active this past week (May 28-June 3) than the week before...

Monday: Went swimming
Tuesday: Walked a mile at work
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Walked/stair work  
Friday: Walked
Saturday: Swam 10 laps in the pool 
Sunday: Swam, but not 10 laps.

Now that you are almost asleep from reading my week of workouts, 
I want to introduce my second guest blogger, Mary.  
She got a laugh out of my P90x comment last week and wanted to showcase P90x in a better light, which I love that.
I think you will like her too...please read on. 


Hello Always a Blogsmaid, 
Never a Blogger friends!

Last week when Cassie wrote about her workout regimen I cracked up that she watched P90X while laying on the floor. As a P90X-er myself I completely related.  
So today Cassie asked me to share my P90X experience with all of you. 

I live in Chicago and blog over at Little Bit of Class Little Bit of Sass and shared my first 90-day review here, the pros/cons of P90X here and how I paired it with Weight Watchers herePlease read those if you want more information! 

A little about me: I just turned 27 and have worked out my whole life. Don't let that phrase fool you, though: I'm chubby and would never consider myself fit or thin. While I'm healthy, I aim to get down to a goal weight that is healthy for my age, height, and gender. Weight Watchers works for me in terms of moderating my eating (read: limiting my drinking and chocolate intake) and living a healthy lifestyle. 

Working out, however, is an entirely different beast. I get so bored! Stationary bike? Snore. Elliptical? I never feel like I get a good workout. Treadmill? That's worse than a long meeting when I'm in a food coma from lunch. I don't have the money for a gym membership and running every day outside is not ideal. 

Enter P90X. 


Newsflash: you don't get absolutely RIPPED. At least I didn't. 
What did I get? 90 days of amazing workouts, that's what. 
I loved the variety. 

There are 12 DVDs in the set. All I had to do was follow the online schedule, adhere to my Weight Watchers routine, and I just KNEW that in 90 days I would be RIPPED and bikini-ready. Just kidding. I knew I wouldn't change that much, but I did know I wouldn't detest my reflection in the mirror as much.

So for 90 days this winter I religiously followed the schedule and worked out before work every day, and at some point during the day on the weekends. Some times I actually took a rest day on Sundays (as suggested on the schedule), but I usually fit in either the Stretch DVD or I completed one of the workouts. Oh and yes, I managed to have a social life! 

I got addicted to it; to the workouts, to feeling muscles I haven't felt in a while, to the soreness, to all of it. Yes the workouts were tough (and I also watched some of it from the floor like Cassie!). I couldn't complete all of the moves as fast as the people on the DVDs, I was dripping wet at the end of the cardio workouts, and I was hungry alllllll the time, but it wasn't impossible.

 It was the perfect challenge for me.

How did it turn out? 

Well, I just so happened to take some before and after pictures.




It wasn't a drastic change, but losing 20 pounds in 90 days is quite an achievement. I felt great and was happier than I was during the holiday and post-holiday season.

I decided to go for another 90 days and a funny thing happened: I completely plateaued. Luckily I have maintained this weight loss and have lost an additional pound since I ended the first 90 days in April. I have absolutely slacked on Weight Watchers (birthdays, holidays, and moving will do that to you!), so that's a culprit. However, I am really pleased that I have maintained a big weight loss, considering it's so easy to revert back to old habits. 

After another 7 weeks doing P90X and adding running outside to my routine, I am now back to being bored. I know every side comment and every joke Tony Horton makes in the P90X DVDs and I am limited to running the same course in my 'hood. 

I need a new challenge. 

What's next? 
My co-worker is lending me her Insanity workouts (made by the same company as P90X), and I just ordered three Jillian Michaels DVDs. I figure if I rotate Insanity, 30-Day Shred, and P90X I won't get too bored. I have also considered buying some Groupon workouts for fun. 

Regardless of the routine, I will definitely blog about my progress. I have another 31 pounds to lose before I hit my goal weight, so stay tuned!

Thanks again to Cassie for asking me to share my story!


Actually, Mary...
thank you! 

Okay, Mary said "stay tuned" so you know what you gotta do...

Click here and go say hello to Mary! Especially if you want to know more about P90x, actually do P90x, or want to just read a blog other than mine. 
Looks like she is also the second guest blogger to be all about some Jillian Michael's. 

If you want to be a guest blogger, email me at cassandralynn23@gmail.com. 


  1. Thank you for posting, Cassie!

  2. YAY, Mary! You look great! I'm so proud of you for sticking out the whole 90 days. I lasted maybe three? Workout fail :)

  3. Hey Cassie!! Just wanted you to know how much I LOVE reading your blog (but you already know that)and laughing at all your serious straight faced funny comments! Most importantly, letting you know I nominated you for One Lovely Blog Pink Tree award! Go check out the post! Keep up the awesome work! :)


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