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Training Tuesday

This past week was a struggle.
I tried to make it though my entire aerobics class Monday night.
We did a dvd that was basically walking in place for 5 miles but with all these extra things added to it - to be used with your resistance bands.
Squats, lunches, arm workouts - let's just say I was on the ground before the class was over.
I literally thought my entire thigh muscles were going to cramp up on me into a huge charlie-horse.
And again, that was just Monday.

Tuesday and Wednesday, I took it easy and just walked and took the stairs every chance I got. Oh, and stretching. Lots of stretching.

Thursday I felt fine, so I went to the dance floor. From 11-1:30 a.m.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were a waste.
No workouts, just some walking.
Rain was in the forecast the whole time, so nothing outside really. 

This week I will be getting back to my c25k app.
It is a must.

Now onto what y'all really want to know..
Who is the new blogger today?

Well, you guys, it is my girl, Terri.
You are going to want to be her blog friend, trust me.
She is so funny with the way she writes her posts.
It is something I admire and always can't wait to click on and read.
She loves her hubby of 1 year as of last week, her cute puppy, True blood, and fro-yo.
What's not to love, right?
Read on...


Hi everyone! 

First off a big THANK YOU to Ms. Cassie for featuring me as a guest blogger today! 
I'm Terri over at And So it is, Just like it should be.  
Working out/eating right has taken over my life.

Lately, I have been trying out a ton of different workout classes thanks to Groupon such as:
Yoga, Bikram, Hot yoga, Spinning, Zumba, and Cross fit.

They all have their good points and bad but in general I'm a fan of any exercise is GOOD as long as it gets you moving. I've been reading Cassie's other Training Tuesday posts and sadly I'm not going to be talking about Jillian or at home DVD's that I work out to because in all honestly I have several that never get out of the box. I buy them, tell myself I'm going to use them, and then they collect dust for years. I've always been jealous of those people who can work out at home because I simply cannot come home and make myself work out! I have to get up, get dressed, and go somewhere else. A gym is my preferred method of torcher and I'm a really big fan of big gyms with lots of males working out.

Hey, don't judge me a little eye candy is the perfect motivation for this girl.

What I really wanted to share was my personal journey...

I've always been on the bigger side even though I played a lot of sports growing up. I realized now it really has very little do with how much you work out vs. how much CRAP you eat. It's such a crappy realization but those commercials of the little kids playing soccer where the moms are on the sidelines talking about how kids are what they eat and the goalie is a donut while one of the kids is a celery stick - it is the TRUTH.

Trust me I was/am the donut.

I used to eat really really terrible. Yes, it was delicious but it's so unfulfilling. Pizza, fast food, sweets, snacks, booze, it was a wild childhood/young adult hood that turned me into the most unhealthy person ever in my opinion. In college, I really started to learn about health and I had this come to Jesus moment where I realized I only get ONE body in my life and that I should take care of it a lot better if I want it to grow old and not fall apart. I started counting calories my Freshman year in college and I started going to the gym. 

Cassie and I went to the same college so I'm sure you remember the Payne Center and in all honesty I have a lot of fond memories of that place.

I ended up losing 65 lbs that year.

I felt amazing but I still have a lot more to go. It's been 6 years since that Freshman year. As of today I have gained 10lbs back but this is after going UP and DOWN several times. I blame my husband, Chad.  No really, it's all my fault. 

It's my mouth, my body, and my choice.
But that doesn't make it any less hard. 

FOOD is yummy. 
FOOD is fuel. 
FOOD is out of control these days. 
I prefer to cook my own food now, I hardly ever eat fast food, and being active is a very important part of my life. I still want to lose a significant amount of weight another 80-90lbs and the only way to do this is to start eating clean and keep up my activity level.

Let me just say this about activities... RUNNING is the BEST way to lose weight.

 Last year before my wedding I started running. Little by little... I couldn't even run 1 minute when I first started but before my wedding I accomplished my greatest goal yet... running 5 miles in just over an hour. It is possible, no matter how big or small you are but it's HARD work and if you don't run for a week (at least in my case) I have to start back at zero and build all the way up again. That's the hardest part for me...starting over. It's very mentally discouraging BUT it is SO rewarding to say you can run 1 mile or 10. I've started back running again and it's a slow miserable thing right now but I have to just keep telling myself it will get easier... because it honestly does after several weeks.

In regards to food for me it is easiest to be very controlled and focused during the week (Monday-Friday) and be less controlled on the weekends. My week usually consists of the following:




Eggs/ Toast
250-350 calories – 2-6 Fat grams



Pita Pizza
200-400 calories & 2-10 Fat grams

Afternoon snack

Green Monster Protein Smoothie
200 calories & 0 Fat grams


350-450 calories & 3-10 Fat grams


Dark Chocolate
150-250 calories & 4-5 Fat grams

I give myself some choices but for the most part it is all the same foods in rotation. This is what works for me but I think for anyone if you count calories and eat more veggies and protein than anything else weight loss will happen. I don't like salads which totally screws me so If you do eat salads you have a lot more options than me! I also don't really believe in no carb diets or any other fads because they never worked for me personally.

I believe in Balance.

On the weekends I just count calories. If I want tacos, or spaghetti, froyo, or a drink I have it. I try to stay under my limits but I'm not as worried about it all of the time. You have to enjoy life and even though that might make me lose weight slower... I feel that it helps me keep the weight off that I have lost. I can live like this for the rest of my life. 

It's not a diet...it's a change in how you eat for good and sadly that's what you have to do if you really want to lose weight and keep it off. You can't fall back into old habits or you will get squeezed out of your new clothes and fall back into your old ones.

                   I could talk for days about this but I'll give Cassie her blog back now!

If you want to hear more about my journey and all the new workout classes I'm trying out come visit me HERE.

I'd love to hear from you and THANK YOU again Cassie for letting me take over your blog today! Froyo "Blate" soon...


Thank you Terri for wanting to be a part of this series.
I cannot agree more with this entire guest post.

Absolutely, a froyo 'blate' whenever we are in the same state. :) 

Now go check out her blog everyone.

Follow her and leave a comment - she loves comments.

So do I.

Comment or email me if you want to be a part of this series on a Tuesday coming soon. 

Email: cassandralynn23@gmail.com 


  1. Aww thanks for the love Cassie!

  2. No problem girl! Thanks for wanting to be a part of this series! :)

  3. Cassie, you rock! Thanks for introducing Terri! I'm going to go stalk her now. :)


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