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Training Tuesday

This past week (June 11-17) was much more active.
I gave P90x another shot - but only the Yoga portion of the ridiculous program. 

Monday: P90x Yoga (30 minutes)

Tuesday: P90x Yoga (35 minutes) 

Wednesday: Walked 2 miles while at work

Thursday: Walked a mile or 2 at the photoshoot 

Friday: Walked/lots of stairs at work

Saturday: REST day 

Sunday: Father's day - walked some

Now onto who y'all should check out this week.
Another one of my favorite blogger girl's who I will meet someday, Haley.
I randomly came across Haley's page and knew this was a girl I wanted to read more about.
Take it away, Haley...

Conquering Boredom

Hi there, Always a Blogsmaid readers! 

I am so happy to be here today and so honored that Cassie invited me to guest post for her Training Tuesdays series. Cassie and I have been “blog friends”, so to say, for the past handful of months and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning so much about her life.

She is so funny and candid which is something I very much appreciate in a person.

I am Haley and you can find me on an almost daily basis at Champagne Toasts & Besos

Fitness/training/eating right is something I very much enjoy discussing often, however, I find that I have a challenge with narrowing down subcategories. 
Today, I want to share with you my insights on the importance of varying workouts and the combination of fitness and healthy eating.  

When training for a particular race or event, like our dear friend Cassie is currently doing, it is easy to be motivated by the next goal, be it an extra mile, shedding time, etc. However, in a day-to-day setting I find myself growing incredibly bored if I don’t vary my workouts. Not only am I bored, but my body gets bored too. 

My advice to you is not to feel like you have to run or you have to lift weights. Do what your body tells you and find things that you really enjoy doing. I am a dancer and miss it very much. I recently started creating playlists that would go along with old combinations and dance for an hour- warm up, however many songs of full body working, and cool down/stretch. I love it! It works my body and it makes me happy.

Here are other activities that fill my week in an effort to keep things exciting:

-15-minute Nike Training Club “Get Focused” work outs (download free at the Apple appstore!)
-Walking after dinner
-Little weights
-Jillian Michaels DVD

In addition to keeping things exciting, I have learned, like we are all told, that your body is also defined in the kitchen. This is tough, folks, I know. I love food and I love unhealthy food. This is another area where I can grow really bored. I gave up dairy for three weeks and though it was a great experience and made me so much more aware of what I was eating, I wanted it just as much afterwards. 

I recently started counting calories. Visit LIVESTRONG.com (a business partner of my own company, no I’m not making any pushes here) and plug in your weight, height, how much you want to lose/maintain per week and it’ll tell you how many calories to have a day. This may seem like a huge commitment but I promise it isn’t. 

Plan your meals ahead of time so you know what you’re eating and when you’ll be hungry and you’re golden. I am now so much more aware of how much I can eat a day, when during the day I need more food/energy, and what foods I really shouldn’t ever be eating, i.e. Chick-Fil-A milkshakes.

Try it! If it doesn’t work for you, you’ll find something else that will. It is all about how badly you want it. The bottom line is to have fun with it all.

If you aren’t having fun and seeing the benefit, it won’t work.
You’ll be grouchy and unhappy and your mental health is more important than the shape your body is in, for the large most part.
Find what works for you and set goals!
I find that one of my biggest motivators is setting achievable goals and making myself go after them.

Have any tips for me? Please share!
Please come stop by, I’d absolutely love to have you!

Thanks again to Cassie for having me here today.

Happy training!




Thank you Haley for being a part of this series!

Now you heard her, she would love for you to stop by so click here.

If you want to join in on this fun and get your blog out there for others to see,
email me at cassandralynn23@gmail.com.
I would love to feature you!


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  1. Thanks so much for having me!! This was so fun.


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