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What I would tell myself....at 17

Dear seventeen year old me,

You have no idea how in the prime of your life you are, right now.  Your senior year is by far the year you excel in many things.  You get your first kiss, your first boyfriend, your first 'real' date, lots of firsts...

You graduate and walk across the stage first with honors; consequently, being a "goody-two-shoes" does pay off.  You earned a lot of great titles your senior year.  The most important being: Homecoming Queen 2004. 

I cannot explain to you how much you did not expect to receive this honor.  You and your friend, Bethany, decide to nominate each other.  To be nominated, you had to get 25 signatures on a sheet of paper.  
You are probably thinking, 25? No big deal.
Well, 25 people is half your graduating class so umm yeah, that was fun.

Anywho, you turn them in and get on the ballot.
You get voted for round 2.
Round 2 consists of the WHOLE school voting and marking down ONE person that they want to see wear the crown.
Keep in mind, you are the "goody-two-shoes" that has never drank, been with anyone sexually, and/or only has a small handful of friends.
You don't think you are going to win.

The big day arrives: Homecoming 2004.
Your dad has broken a part of his foot and is wearing a boot.
Your Uncle Jeff drives you in his T-top Camaro and has to help you get on and off the roof.
Your dress has a pretty high slit.
As you walk down the field with your dad, you only keep thinking: 
I am not going to win this so enjoy this moment.

Your dad leans over as the announcer is speaking and says...
"What do we do if you win?" 
You reply...
"Dad, I am not going to win."

All of a sudden, the announcer says...

Ladies and Gentleman,
Your 2004 Richland High School Homecoming Queen is....

Cassie Gregory!

Your jaw drops and you leave your dad standing there with a boot on..
while you go get your crown.
You were supposed to walk with your dad.
Oh, girl. You are always your own person.
Independent even when you aren't supposed to be.
Your dad finally limps comes over to you and you don't stop smiling the entire night.

It seemed to baffle you that a lot of people in the entire school voted for you.
Yes, you.

[my dad in the background] 

Something else affected you a lot your senior year...being a captain on the dance team at school.

 You were a dancing fool. Dancing is where you are the happiest, always.  
Senior cheer camp was fun, exciting, frustrating and exhausting all wrapped up into one week the summer before your last year in high school commenced.  You definitely will always remember your senior year as your best year in school. 

I just want to give you a few tips on what's going to come later.
  • Try out for the college dance team at the community college you want to attend.  You have no idea what kind of impact it's going to make on your entire life.
  • Your best guy friend is always going to be there, maybe not in the way you want - but he changes you some.  He plays a big role in some of your greatest memories.
  • Do things out of your comfort zone.
  • Get involved.
  • Get dressed up and still do pageants - even if you don't win.
  • You will lose one of your best friends to a horrible death and you will lose a best friend to another person, but they will remain in your heart.  Cry for both of them and remember that they are never too far away.
  • You are going to try drinking - it never works for you, but you are stubborn. Do yo thang, girl. I promise the mornings you say you are going to die, you actually don't.
  • Try not to worry too much about your future.  Life unfolds the way it is supposed to.

Never ever forget one thing: YOU are like no one else.  
You make an impact when you walk in a room -- remember that and embrace it. 

P.S. You still pinch yourself and sometimes forget that you were Homecoming Queen.  It still makes you smile - especially when Kathleen mentions it again on Twitter. 

25 year old me


  1. Oh Cassie!! I thought you were going to have me laughing but I almost cried!!! Being a good girl pays off, sister. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!!!! Xoxo and BTW--tell your 17 year old self she has a rockin bod.

  2. Love this, Cassie! From one goodie-two-shoes homecoming queen to another....way to go! :)


  3. Oh my gosh.... so cute. 17 is such a fun age. Seems like you had the best time. I would have died if I were homecoming queen. Being a good-two-shoes didn't get me that far, though, in high school. But it got me far in life!! Good girls finish first!

  4. Oh I absolutely LOVE this!!! Wish I had something to go back and tell myself.. I guess there are some things. But I was a nobody still in high school.. And that hasn't changed through the years either! You were a beautiful HOMECOMING QUEEN! I never ha the guts, but it was something my dad always wanted me to go for...

  5. I was just reading through your blog and somehow (in my daily visits) I missed this post! I am so sorry I am just now commenting on it because I LOVE it. So much wisdom and so much fun. You've come a long way, girl.


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