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Bachelorette Blues.

Not so happy about what happened Monday night.

If you watch The Bachelorette like I do (first timer ever), 
Emily let Sean go home and I was unexplainably shocked.

I mean how do you let this go home?

I will admit that the only reason I started watching this show is because...
I promised my bff, Kristin, that I would watch it every week so we could chat about it.

Just another reality show I needed to fit into my already super elderly social life.
i.e. eating dinner and going to bed around 8 or 9. 

Anywho, I cannot believe she let "Mr. Perfect" go home and kept Arie.
I just don't see Arie as her long life mate - 
I mean in his video to her, he didn't mention her daughter once. Weird.

Dear Sean, 

I am new to these Bachelorette shows and do not really believe in them. However, you can chase me down your boulevard, scream my name all across a foreign country, joke about how you live at home with your parents and un-eaten cookies, and maybe I'll buy some of your insurance.

Hope to travel to Dallas, Texas to find you.
Not in a stalker way.


P.S. I want to wish the HAPPIEST of Birthdays to one of my really beautiful, hilarious friends Kittycat.
You are 25 today and I am hoping that this is the best birthday yet!


  1. Just wanted to say thank you for finding that picture of Sean ;) I agree, she should have let Arie go this week - I don't like him at all!

  2. I SAW Sean at a bar in Austin a few weeks ago. Which is why I assumed it wasn't him... with a group of girls. I think I'm pulling for Arie.. we will seee!

  3. Also, maybe Sean will be the next Bachelor? That'll give us something to watch.

  4. Thank you so much lovely friend!!! You're the sweetest. Love love love you!!! XO

  5. Agreed! Sean was awesome for her and Arie is just attractive to her. Their conversation about living in the same city and all off those, you know, real-life decisions, made me throw a red flag for Arie.

    hahaha so happy you watch it too! My co-workers and I do fantasy leagues for the Bachelor/Bachelorette so I always watch!:)

  6. I would have kept Sean and left go of Jef. What kind of a "Jeff" spells their name with only one F? That's weird. But Arie.... I love him. He's super hot. And do you think Emily REALLY wants to settle down and get married to anyone of these boys anyways? Hello? Not according to US weekly. Its best that Sean get let go. Now he can be the next Bachelor and everyone will be happy.


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