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Follow Me Friday.

Last Friday took me by complete surprise.
I drove to work and while sitting in the parking garage, decided to put up a tweet about #MagicMike.

I am slightly obsessed with Channing Tatum.
I have tried multiple times to tweet to him over the past year - in hopes that he would retweet me.
Well, I knew in my mind that it wasn't going to happen.
I even tweeted 20 minutes later "I don't know why celebrities RT stupid tweets and never one of mine, which are obviously witty." 

Well at lunchtime, I drove home to put my $$$ in the bank.
I was sitting at a red light and I decided to check what was going on in the Twitter world.
I saw my blue light lit up under @ Connect and all of a sudden, I see people I don't know RT'ing my tweet from that morning. 
I keep scrolling and there it is.....

He sat in front of a computer and RT'd me?!!! 
I could not stop smiling. 

How do I know he was sitting in front of a computer - because I also follow him on Instagram:

Obviously I saw #MagicMike the night after it came out, and I loved it.
I didn't love the ending, because it leaves to much to wonder about. 
But, I will see it in theaters at least 3 more times AND it will be bought on DVD.
[just like I did with 21 Jump Street this past friday night]

Also, this ecard describes my feeling about the movie wrapped up into one: 

Now if that wasn't good enough, 
Instagram was a little ridiculous on Saturday - like not loading pictures. 
It affected a lot of people, like Mark Long.
This past Saturday, I made him laugh. 
Here is proof: 

I have been noticed by two celebrities.
You guys mean more to me though - so please, if you have Twitter, follow me.

I hope you're already following my blog.
If not, you know what you've gotta do.  :) 


  1. ohhh girl, needless to say, I'm a little jealous right now. channing is one gorgeous piece of man candy and magic mike was incredible!!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets super excited about being tweeted by a celebrity. I've had conversations with Stephen Fry, Dave Gorman, Vicky Beeching and Cerys Matthews. I also got a birthday wish from Nia Vardalos one year :D

    1. Twitter conversations that is - I've met Cerys and Dave though :)

  3. kinda beyond jealous right now. I would die to get a retweet from that hunk of man candy!


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