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Suprises at 25.

If you have ever read my blog for a minute or two, you know one thing: 
I love surprising my friends, especially on their birthdays.

Last Thursday was one of my best guy friends' 25th birthday.
I decided I wanted to make him feel special on his birthday, and boy - did I.
To know my bff, is to know his heart. 
He is constantly working and loves to serve others.
He loves his family and keeps the things that matter to him close. 

It's not one of those friendships where we talk everyday, but when we do - we catch up on everything.
His hugs feel like home to me and his family feels like my family.
We went to school all years together, but we were not best friends until our senior year of high school.
We have had our fights and have also become better for it.
I can't imagine my life without knowing him.

Now if you need a way to make a guy friend in your life feel special on his birthday, 
there are four things you should do:
1. Place all of his goodies on his bed (he will find them)
2. Buy his favorite beer and put in the fridge with a bow (optional)
3. Bake brownies
4. Make a birthday card/dvd of old pictures of the two of you.
IF these things don't sound like great ideas to you, no worries. 
I understand each male is different. 

Here is the breakdown of the gifts I made/spent way too long in the grocery store for: 

Label: Birthday brownies from a BEST friend to a BEST friend. 

Label: It's not a cupcake, but it's good enough. :) 

Basket includes: Birthday poem in a frame, balloon, dvd of photos, LifeSaver Gummies, birthday card from my mom, and a Keifer's guest check thing he left in my car that my family wrote on to tell him happy birthday. 

**I cannot thank his brother enough for unlocking the apartment so I could come in and set the surprise up. Beer in the fridge with a bow and my birthday poem/scavenger hunt in the frame.**

His reaction was better than I expected 6 hours after placing the surprise: 

If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen this last photo...

Happy Birthday Mug Face!! 
I am so glad God put you on this Earth 25 years and 1 week ago. 


  1. i love surprising my friends tooo!! that is so nice of you ! glad he appreciates you! :)

  2. An yet you do the awesomeness again...


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