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That time I took a week off from blogging..

I feel like this photo describes what you guys wanted to do to me/my blog last week:

I am the sleeping cat, obviously.
With that being said, I am sorry I was MIA last week.
I will be honest - I just wasn't feeling the week in general.
All, I really wanted to do was just lay in bed and watch a Golden Girls marathon.
A lot of things happened last week and trust me, 
there is a post every day this week about it. 

My grandmother went in the hospital over a week ago.
I went to visit her last Saturday and Sunday and realized how blessed I am.
Blessed to have my dad's mom still here with me - her unyielding faith to the Lord - her non-stop talking to anyone and everyone who comes into her hospital room.

The doctors at the hospital ran what seemed like hundreds of tests. She never let it get her down from what I could tell.  I watched as she carried on a conversation with the man who brought her the tray of food, the nurse that came in to give her medicine, to an intern doctor that only needed to ask her a couple questions. 
I admired the way she can talk to anyone. 

Maybe it was to keep her mind off of being in a hospital (my granny is not one to sit still for very long, ever). So I know that being cooped up in room 413 was not her cup of tea. 

After wondering every day when they were going to do surgery to remove a "mass bleeding tumor" from her spine; the doctors finally took her to surgery this past Thursday, June 28.

It ended up only being a blood clot.
Everyone that prayed for my grandmother - I cannot thank them enough.
She seems to be doing okay and should be able to go home by the time you read this post. 

It always takes me walking into a hospital for me to realize how truly blessed I am. 

What are you thankful for today? 


  1. Sorry to hear you're going through a rough time :( The Golden Girls always make me feel better too!

    1. Don't they? I am watching them now - have been since the Bachelorette went off.

  2. Happy to hear your Grandma is doing better. Sending prayers your way for a swift recovery! :)

    1. Thank you Mary! I appreciate the prayers more than you know!

  3. I know it's bad it's a clot and that she had to have surgery but the fact it wasn't a tumour is good right?!?!

    I'm glad she's getting better. I know that having seen my Grandma in the hospital on the day she passed away I wished I'd hugged her more or just hung out (why is it you only realise how much you love someone or something when they/it's gone)

    1. Yes, it's very good to know Hannah.

      I am sorry to hear about your grandmother - and you are so right, we always realize it too late. I think that's one of life's biggest challenges to understand.

  4. So happy to hear she is doing better! Thinking of you and your family. xx

    1. Thank you Haley. Will be mentioning you on my blog again on Wednesday - Hope you loved the Bachelorette home trips as much as I did. [Team Sean and Team Jef]

  5. So glad to hear that your grandma is doing better!!



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