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Training Tuesday

Obviously, I have not been running this past week.
I did not work out at all really - besides walking and taking the stairs all day, err' day.
This Mississippi summer is definitely a killer/drainer of energy.
I have been getting up close and personal with my air conditioned house/cubicle/car.

But guess what? My mom got a treadmill on Sunday.
For free, from one of her cousins. 
None of the digital stuff works but it moves and that's all that matters (mother's words).

We got it Sunday afternoon and I've already been on it Sunday and Monday. 
I plan on getting on the treadmill for at least 20 minutes a day.
I also have some exciting news: I jogged on our treadmill for SIX whole minutes without stopping last night. 
I ran to the whole song of Racks on Racks on Racks. 
Maybe that's my breakthrough - rap music and air conditioning. 

And of course no blog is legit without a photo or two of what I'm talking about: 
Here is me in half my work clothes and half not in our wonderfully decorated house (I kid). 

Thank you Nikki for taking my photos AND for building us a towel magazine reader.

Now, I want to introduce to you guys to TIFFANY. 
I say her name in all caps because she is that excited about being a part of Training Tuesdays, and I appreciate that.

Here she is...

Hey y'all! I'm Tiffany from Figuring Out The Plot!
 I'm a farm girl, Oklahoma State Grad, and I'm currently living in the city practicing law. I'm so excited to be guest blogging for Cassie's Training Tuesday today! 
I thought I'd share a few of my running tips today.

I really started running about 4 years ago while living in San Francisco for a summer during law school. How could you not love running in a city like that (so long as you avoid the hills, obviously!) Last year, I went back to San Francisco to complete my first half marathon. It was awesome!

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, a few things you should know about me. I played sports ever since I was in about the 3rd grade, but I hated to run. No, I mean HATED to run. To the point that my high school superintendent tells me that she laughs every time she reads anything about me running on my blog. And I've never met a chocolate chip cookie (or milkshake, or piece of birthday cake, or Reese's product...you get the idea) that I don't like. I tell you all of this because if I can run a half marathon, anyone can.

So now for the tips...
1. Sign up for a race. It doesn't matter if you sign up for a 5K, 10K, half marathon, something fun like the Color Run, one of those awesome obstacle course races (still have not done one of those!)...just sign up! First of all, I guarantee you after your first race you'll be hooked on races because they are so much fun! Second, there is nothing to motivate you to train like knowing that you have a run coming up! Third, you'll get a great collection of race t-shirts--my personal favorite part of running!

 Finish Line San Francisco Marathon (First Half)

I even created sort of a running bucket list. 
Here are a few of the races on it: 
The Color Run (will be doing that in August!)
 Remember The Ten (did this in April)
 The Flying Pig (how can I not want to do this just for the name??)
Bay to Breakers (hands down most fun run you'll ever do, I did it in 2010)
 Las Vegas Half Marathon (it's down the strip, at night...maybe in December??)
Hot Chocolate Run (will be doing in September)!

2. Get good shoes. Another confession here, I'm cheap. Like seriously cheap. Once in college, I bragged to my parents that I went for two weeks only spending $2.56 (on a Blizzard at Dairy Queen). But if there is one thing that it's worth spending some money on, it's good running shoes. Before I started training for my half last year, I went to a running store where they had me jog on a treadmill and looked at my stride to help me pick out shoes. I ended up in a pair of Brooks and seriously, it felt like running on clouds. Good shoes are an absolute must in my book.

 3. Crosstrain. I'm terrible about getting on a path and putting blinders on. So when I'm training for a race I don't always think about mixing cross training in. But it's so important. It gives your joints a break from the pounding they taken running, and it works different muscles that will actually help improve your running! My current obsession is spin class. Oh my gosh....it's so much fun and such a great work out! I've also previously done Turbo Kick, which is a cardio kickboxing class that is awesome for burning calories and relieving stress, and Hot Yoga, which is much more enjoyable in the winter when it's cold and not when it's 105 degrees outside!

4. Find a Training Program. God bless the internet. You can type whatever distance you are looking to trian for into google and have more training info than you could ever read. I love the Hal Higdon program, and followed it pretty well when I trained for my half. I am also a big fan of running intervals while training (I usually do these on the treadmill).
  Here is one of my favorites.

Me in orange finishing Remember The Ten 10K at OSU

5. Enjoy it! I think that the difference between my hatred of running in high school and my love for it now is all about it being my choice to do it. I don't have some coach telling me that I have to "get on the line!" It's fun for me to lace up my shoes, put in my iPod (oh that should have been another point....make a good playlist!), and hit the pavement. Don't get too caught up in your times or what other people around you are doing. What matters is that you are out there, you are staying healthy, and you are having a good time!
Me and my friend Amy running Bay to Breakers 2010


I cannot thank Tiffany enough for being a part of this series.
If you want to be introduced like Tiff, send me an email at cassandralynn23@gmail.com. 

Everyone go to her page now and say hello! 


  1. I'm wanting to do a 5k and actually run I've walked 4 x 5Ks over the last few years for Cancer Research and every year I joke about finally running it and still not do it lol. I've downloaded a Couch to 5k app on my phone - now to use it lol.

  2. good luck w/ the new treadmill hahaha i love that 'magazine rack'!!!

  3. Love the new treadmill, Cassie! Good luck with it! :) Thanks so much for letting me guest blog!



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