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What I'm LOVING this Wednesday...

As I sit at my desk today, I realize how much I really do love...

...surprising my friends.
...the moments with Miss Brailyn Belle and whatever sassy things she does/says.
...drinking a Coke or Dr. Pepper first thing every morning.
....planning things for myself or others.
...working - having something meaningful to do.

I also found some photos on Pinterest and Haley's page the other day, that I love just as much..
(i'll also stop saying the L word now) 

[courtesy of Haley and thanks to Brooke - I have this hat]


[courtesy of Haley]

I have to be honest with you though. 
What I really really really loved was this past Sunday night. 
Kris Jenner's lip on KUWTK.

It was ridiculous and she is now by far my favorite Jenner-Kardashian.
I feel like I may wake up with that same problem since I know karma comes right back around.
And I laughed, hard. 

What are you loving today?? 


  1. The weekend is two days away that's about it lol. Been watching lots of Body of Proof - love looking at Megan's amazing shoe and handbag collection lol.

  2. I just finished watching last week's Kardashians! Kris's lip made me almost fall on the floor laughing!! I'm quite certain I'll have a matching lip too, darn it. As for what I'm loving, it's all here: http://shaeken.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/the-fs/


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