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#BirthdayinOxford Part 1

Not only did I go to Oxford to see how beautiful the campus really is,
I went to celebrate two friend's birthdays.

First birthday girl: Lila

This was from my bday in Nola.
For some reason, we only took a car picture this trip and it isn't on my phone. :( 

So Lila is now in her later 20's and attending Ole Miss this year.
Consequently, I decided to go with an OLE MISS theme for her birthday.

I don't want to say I went all out for her birthday but I did bake a cake.
And that's a big deal.

When I was shopping for her birthday, I might have enjoyed it a little bit too much.
I had an idea in my head and totally went with it.

Like sitting in my living room floor playing with Barbie dolls full out idea.
Who knew keeping all your old toys would be so useful?

Well, hitting up my Fisher Price boxes had a point, I promise.
Because it made this.....

Key essentials to this birthday cake: 

First up - her name: LILA is spelled out in yellow candles and the banana is an actual eraser.
Her Instagram name is Lilabanana.

Second: The barbie is wearing a blue dress, one white earring and missing one of her red cowboy boots (pretty much a perfect Ole Miss outfit).

Third: The cup. I painted an old purple cup (probably from our Pocahontas barbie set) blue and wrote a little red M on it for Ole Miss.

Four: The chair is part of the Pocahontas set.  It has been painted, stickers added, and balloons tied to it.  (I cannot take credit for the chair - that was all my sister's doing).  

Five: Her boot and gold clutch is on the other side of her chair.

Six: Candles to tell everyone how old she is.

Seven: To add extra flare, always throw a few sprinkles in Barbie's hair. 

I was so giddy about the birthday cake I assembled, that I completely forgot to take photos of the rest of her gifts.
That makes me angry now, considering a blog post isn't wonderful without a bunch of photos. 

However, I will list what all went into her "birthday basket..."

  • A white basket filled with white tissue paper, red/blue confetti paper.
  • 4 Ole Miss Cups, Ole Miss pencils and red/blue mechanical pencils
  • An Ole Miss chapstick/hand sanitizer bottle
  • 7 different types of candy
  • A Material Girls gift certificate worth $28 dollars
  • A coral bubble necklace that I bought from Nicole's giveaway from Cheerfully Charmed 
  • Funny napkins from Target
  • My sister painted her a blue chevron print canvas with a green frame that has the first picture from this blog post in it
  • And last but not least, a poem assembled in a red/blue picture frame that said the following poem: 
A lot of people go to Ole Miss every year and learn something new,
I hope this year starts and ends the same way – with a happy you.

To get you started on a path of fun and creative thinking,
There are a few things a girl needs – besides a frat boy that is always drinking.

First, you need a blogger’s dream necklace as seen on La Mia Vita and Fairy Tales are True,
A photographic gem that you will rock in coral and I in turquoise blue.

Next, who doesn’t love money that is free?
Here is a Material Girls gift certificate that can and should be used wisely.

I chose a boutique that I’ve never bought anything from (which is rare);
However, you can find this store close to you on the famous Oxford “square.”

Third, here is a pencil/pen set that is drenched in blue and red,
There is a chance that Ole Miss Colors will now always be in my head.

You are going to have hard classes and maybe shed a few tears,
But just remember finals only last a week and memories will last longer than two years.

Speaking of memories, you remember at Colleen’s bachelorette where I made out with Ole Piss,
Please, please, please make better memories at OLE MISS!


Dear Lila,

I truly hope that this birthday was a good one for you.  I apologize for being all over the place this weekend and that you didn't feel as well as you hoped.

I just want you to know that I truly cherish the friendship I have with you and am still hoping I don't die when we run this half-marathon together in December.

You are such a good friend to me and are always sending me funny pictures while I'm stuck in my cubicle.  

I am so glad you were born 28 years ago and that I can call you one of my best friends. 

I have a feeling that 28 is going to be a very good year for you.
Besides, you are in college again and you don't look your age.

You get to hang out and work out now without working 40 hours a week. 

Enjoy your days at Ole Miss,
I will be up to visit soon.


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