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#BirthdayinOxford Part 2

Saturday was Taylor's 22nd Birthday.

We started at 12:00 a.m. screaming Happy Birthday Taylor in the Library.
Dancing until we couldn't anymore..
We ended her birthday eating pancakes, because "you can't order just one." 

Saturday was just fun.
Eating with friends - setting up her birthday "water pong" table and drinking her birthday concoction.

Eating cupcakes and putting "mustache tattoos" on our fingers was just the highlight of the night.

Taylor's gift from me, started with a poem:

I hope this birthday poem doesn’t take up too much of your time,
However, it will be witty, make you smile and of course….rhyme.

Today is the day you graced the Earth with your presence, 22 years ago now,
If nothing else, you should get a bunch of people to do one thing to you: bow.

Speaking of getting bowed to, I hope you get treated like a Queen today.
You worked your butt off this summer and deserve the best…absolutely no “nays.”

I have never met someone wittier than me until you met Nikki…
I am so glad the 3 of us became friends and we can now laugh at situations that used to seem sticky.

I hope this year is the best one yet,
If you keep up that “Sun Drop” attitude, I’m sure you will be set.

In this birthday bag is just a few things to celebrate you,
This weekend should be centered around whatever you want to do.

I am so thankful to have met you and developed a really common ground;
We have things in common that would make other people’s heads go ‘round.

I don’t know what all this birthday weekend has in store,
But it can’t get any worse than The Hangover with the tiger that can roar.

You are so funny, sweet and nice to everyone you meet…
You should take the time to enjoy your birthday cake and other fancy treats.

Coming from a 25 year old, here are some things I learned at 22…
Some things to try out and other things not to do:

Cry when you feel like it, dance when you need to..
Anybody who gives you attitude, just doesn’t know the real you.

Never ask for a second drink when you are already seeing double..
Something will happen and you know what’s next: trouble.

Embrace your Ole Miss years and realize that finals aren’t that long,
One day you will realize that while driving to work & singing your favorite song.

I wish you all the happiness in the world in every single way,
Now stop reading this poem and go celebrate your birthDAY!!!!


Taylor's gift bag included the following things:

a poem in a frame decked out with ole miss colors

mustache tattoos (that were used wisely)

a "hottie" whistle - her plan was to walk around, blow the whistle, point and say 'you know why'

4 ole miss cups filled with ole miss pencils/hand sanitizer/and chapstick

and a regular birthday card that didn't even say "happy Birthday" in it.
I know, ridiculous.

Before I end this Oxford saga,
I want to say a couple things to Taylor...

Dear Taylor,

I hope your 22nd birthday was a great experience, overall. I know there were some parts that you wished could have gone down differently, but I have a feeling that this is going to be a WONDERFUL year for you.

I am so so so excited to come see you act in Oxford. Thank you again for being my own special tour guide and showing me things I would have never seen. I am still impressed with the "echo circle" and the Pocahontas tree.

I wish you nothing but A's and the best this year. Break a leg. I would say break a foot, but...well 'you know why.'


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