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July 27-31.

July 27-31 were days that I didn't blog.
Actually if I looked at my calendar, I would see more days than 4, but lets move on.

The last four days of July, I was in my happiest place - the beach.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I love the beach, but shouldn't be in a bathing suit. 
However, I just didn't really care this time around. 
I realized I just needed to enjoy the moments and that's exactly what I did.

Between reading 50 Shades Darker, swimming in the pool (rain or shine), eating salsa I made, driving across the bridge to my best friend's condo, and laying out listening to the waves, I really can't think of any moment I didn't absolutely soak in.

I also soaked in wayyy too many rays on Sunday - so that Monday was a bust.
I have just now finished peeling, redic.

I was so blessed to also have my second family down at the beach the same weekend.
My bff, Kristin, got there on Saturday night and the first thing we did was go see The Dark Knight Rises.

Sunday night, our families went to dinner together.
As ridiculous as we are, we decided to switch shoes....at dinner.

Kristin didn't think I would walk out with one tennis shoe and one flip flop on.
Oh, but I will.
I also ended up walking around Dollar General for 30 minutes and loving all the facial expressions I was getting.

I realize that particular story may not make you laugh, 
so I will leave you with my favorite photo of the weekend...

My hair looked good.
End of story, literally.

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