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Karaoke fit for a PRINCE.

Two Fridays ago, I was reading my Facebook timeline and scrolled across something interesting...

A karaoke competition that night at our local club here in Jackson.
One song = one winner = $100.00 in cash.

I immediately text Taylor because she is ridiculously good/obsessed with karaoke.
Anyone who knows Taylor knows 2 things:

1. She can always have a good time.
2. She can always make you laugh.

 So obviously, she was like 'umm, yeah. I'm going."

I told her I would ask Brooke (since we had dinner plans) if she wanted to cheer Taylor on.
Not only did Brooke and I agree that our waiter was the rudest person we had ever met,
we also agreed to be #TeamTaylor's cheerleaders that night.

Taylor came to my house around 10.
We headed to pick up Brooke and Kara a little before 11.

Sidenote: Taylor only had her second job clothes in her car that night.  That uniform requires red pants - I decided we should all wear red but somehow forgot to tell Brooke/Kara.  Well, I wore a red shirt.  Little did I know, Kara had died her hair red (so obviously she was ready AND brooke walked out with a red belt on her dress. aka - my friends are the frickin best at reading my mind).

Take #1.

Take #2.
Much better when you can choose the "brannan" filter on Instagram. ;) 

Anywho, off we went.
The one catch of the competition is that you have to sign up between 11 and 11:30.
Try to sign up at 11:31 - sorry, not gonna happen.
We got to the club at 11:17.

Taylor was all signed up.
To sing "Kiss" by Prince.
So obviously we decided to have a mini photo shoot before it was her turn...

She nailed it and the whole room screamed/clapped/hollered for her.
 And guess what?

She won!!

That's right err'body.
Reppin'  #TeamTaylor all day.

P.S.  It probably wouldn't hurt if you go sing Karaoke, to wear red.

Have you ever sang karaoke in a club?  

Did you ever win a karaoke competition?

P.S. The giveaway winner is Tiffany!!! 

Thank you and Kathleen so much for entering my giveaway!!
Please email anna7874@aol.com to let her know what letter/color/theme you want!! 


  1. I SHOULDA WON!!!!! :) It's ok, I'll get over it. XO

  2. First off, congrats to your friend. I love karaoke, but suck at it, so I'm super impressed by her!!

    Second, so excited I won! Taylor is going to LOVE her "T"!


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