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That time I went to Oxford...

I have never been one to really hate another University.

I graduated from Southern Miss in May of 2010 and will always be proud to be an Eagle.
 I've tailgated with the best of them at Mississippi State University.
However, I had never been to the University of Mississippi...until this past weekend.

I will admit, walking in The Grove was by far one of the best times I had this weekend.
Nobody else was out there, except a man and his dog.

Taylor showed us some of her favorite spots - her theatre building, the costume shop/where they build the sets, the tree she used to climb that reminded her of the disney movie, Pocahontas; and the one spot that made me say 'wow.'

Drop it low, sis. 

There is a spot on Ole Miss' campus where if you stand directly in the middle of this huge circle, your voice echoes.

The coolest part? You are the only one that can hear it.
Step two feet away from that circle and it is lost.
So frickin' cool.
Besides the tour and driving down Sorority Row, I had a couple more adventures this weekend...

My first time at The Library on Friday night wearing a Sigma Alpha Epsilon t-shirt that belonged to someone at LSU will probably be the highlight of my Oxford experience.

Meeting two girls from Taylor's theatre group - not being able to get in to The Library the second night - and eating at IHOP/listening to rap music while eating pancakes will rank high up there as well. 

The main reason we went to Oxford was to celebrate 2 birthdays, Lila's and Taylors.
Lila was wayy past due for celebrating and even though I didn't see her as much as I wanted to, I hope she felt all the birthday love I was sending her.
Taylor's actual birthday was that Saturday and for better/worse, I hoped her birthday weekend was fun/memorable.

I hope to start visiting Oxford more often.
I enjoyed the beautiful little town and can't wait to experience it when school is in session.

P.S. #BirthdayinOxford part 1 and 2 are coming up next.


  1. Woohoo!! I love Oxford!! A very charming town -- it's like an adorable little safe bubble.

  2. I got super excited thinking you meant Oxford, UK now all kind of disappointed but still excited - if that's possible lol. I love the echo circle :)


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