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Tickled Pink...literally. Again.

I say Again because.....I have written one of these posts before.
Last year.
If you are curious, click here to read it. 

I have some news that I have been dying to share for months now...
Another one of my best friends is pregnant with a baby Girl!! 

This picture was taken back at my birthday celebration in NOLA.

It was Baby G's way of telling me her mother couldn't party like she used to.
Already writing me notes in zebra print frames? This little girl is good.

Actually, this is what it said: 

Dear Aunt Cass,

Sorry this frame is empty, but in December you can put a picture of us 3 in it! 

Baby G

P.S.  Sorry my mom can't get crunk.

The minute I read it, I had to re-read it.  
But once the light bulb went off, I could not have been happier for one of my best friends. 
She is going to be a wonderful, hilarious mom.

But since you clicked the link at the top and read the previous post, you already know how this one is going to go down...

Dear Baby G, 

I may not know what your first name is yet, but I can already tell you a few things.  First, your mother is one of the few people that actually gets me.  I cannot tell you (and possibly won't until your 21) all the times we went out and had the time of our lives.  We were a couple of rebels when it came to margarita-limitations and never once hung out and didn't laugh at something silly.  Most of the time, the silliness was all our own doing.  


You, my dear, are going to be wonderfully loved.  Your Aunt Lila, Aunt Claire, and Aunt Anna are going to spoil you like no other.  Don't even get me started on your grandparents.
I, on the other hand am going to teach you things.  

For example, how to handle days when you realize you woke up on the wrong side of your crib, how to get your way with just a look, and when you can talk...how to use sassy words/hand placement on hips to your advantage.  Oh who am I kidding, I already bought you two gifts (looks like you will have another aunt spoiling you). 

But before I teach you all those things, I must tell you a few things about your mother. 
Colleen and I met our first semester at The University of Southern Mississippi back in August of 2008.  Over the years, we have become a part of each other.  I can't imagine my life or some experiences without her in them. 

I pray that one day you have a friendship with someone like I have with your mom.  She is the best at a lot of things.  For example, she can hang with the boys at a lake house, but also dress up and be the prettiest bride that ever walked the beach. 
And that takes talent, my little friend.

Your mom always knows how to make almost anything fun.
Whether it be a trip to the grocery store or celebrating a new year on the coast with friends. 

Baby G - learn to love your carseat.
Your mom loves to travel, trust me on this one.
She has taken me to Memphis, Tennessee (twice); countless trips to Tupelo/Starkville, MS; and all in the backroads of Hattiesburg/Laurel, MS.
Your gonna be better off just going with the flow and loving to ride around listening to her favorite mixed cds (preferably made by none other than yours truly). 

I can't tell you how much I already love you, baby G.
You are going to be one of the luckiest little girls. 
Why? Well thank you for asking...

Your parents are going to love you even more than they love me (which is a pretty big amount) and you get to be besties from birth with another beautiful little girl named Aubrie Kate.  I'm sure your mommy has already said her name once or twice and you've heard her. Aubrie Kate will only be one year older than you. For exactly 5 months, your mom is a year older than me.  

I am so so so excited to meet you!  


I hope this letter wasn't too long, Baby G.
I have so much more to tell you, but I guess it can wait until December.

Aunt Cass 

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