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What I would tell myself...at 16.

After seeing this type of post on Laura Marie's and Bblove's / Haley's pages a while back,
I decided that I too would write a letter to my younger self.  

What I would tell myself at age 16...

(me on the very left) 

Dear Cassie,

Right now, you are a 16 year old high-schooler and full of life.  You don't realize how much life you have or how your friendship with a couple people are about to change. 

This summer you are going to lose 17 pounds because you work your butt off in dance practices and several hours of technique lessons.  Speaking of 17, the summer after you turn 17, you are going to get your first kiss.  It will give you that giddy feeling - to the point where you skip into your best friend's house and tell her for an hour about that split second in time. 

But back to 16...

You are going to look awesome.
You are contemplating about growing out your bangs - do it
Also, never get them again. 

Braces come off this year too.

You are single, but not for long.   

You are smart, don't let any teacher or peer make you think otherwise. 
The awards/certificates you receive at Awards Day should help solidify that.

You don't own a car and won't get your license until you get a car - You are firm in the belief that "if i don't have a vehicle, why should I get the plastic card that says I can?"  Your dad and you go pick out a hoopty that you like because it has a cd player (that ends up not even working) in February of 2004, you drive it until February 2012.  That car becomes a part of you - the good, the bad, and definitely the broke-down.

A lot of things happen to you on the year you become a senior in high school - You are crowned homecoming queen, have a boyfriend a week after you break up with the "first" one, get cheated on, learn you hate baseball because of said cheating boyfriend.

16 and 17 are stepping stones of who you are going to be.

Your 25 year old self wants you to realize how great you are.
Once you get that through your stubborn head,
you will do great things.

I can't wait to tell you about yourself at 21.


  1. I love this!! I did one of these blogs and it was one of my favorites to write.


  2. Love this post! (I meant to comment for a week, whoops). Isn't it amazing to look back on everything we thought and realize how awesome things have turned out...even when we thought disaster was sure to happen? Happy day, present-day Cassie! :)


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