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A dolla' makes me HOLLA.

I am obsessed with this show....

I hate that I haven't blogged about this before now.
I am from the deep South and there is one word to describe this family: 

And if you only get one thing out of my entire blog, know this:
I love anything ridiculous.
But especially, when it's people in front of a television camera.

Now I have to give my little sister some credit because she is the one who showed me the Toddlers and Tiara's episode that featured Alana, aka Honey Boo Boo.
I still chuckle every time I hear or I say "a dolla makes me holla" and throw my right hand out in front of me.
These people should not have their own show,
but I am so so so thankful TLC got in on this huge peice of meat.
I mean that, literally.

Comes on tonight at 9 on TLC. 
Watch it.


  1. Oh this is by far my favorite show on tv right now!!! I just cannot get enough of the ridiculousness that comes out of their mouths! My roommate and I have legit talked about taking a ride into south Georgia to find them haha

  2. Haha! That's what I like to hear Julia!


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