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Answers and a couple QUESTIONS.

I know you are probably curious of one thing, 
What the heck has Cassie been doing on a daily basis? 

Well, I will tell you. 
On August 1st, I decided to get my act together, physically.
Cause let's be honest, 
I'm still as witty as ever so that doesn't need any work.

My friend, Nicole, who you have met on one of my Training Tuesday posts helped me begin this new journey. 

The first step: ADVOCARE.

I know you are probably thinking "here we go again, another buy this! buy that! gimmic."  Nope, I am just going to tell you that I feel wonderful.  

I have energy, look forward to drinking a Spark every morning and that 2:30/3:00 afternoon office slump, I have lost a minimum of 5 pounds and shed 7 inches total already.......in ONE MONTH. 
I have only had TWO Dr. Pepper's in over 40+ days - and that my friends is the BIGGEST change so far.  
I used to think "I have to have my coke every morning or I will die."  Well, turns out I don't and my body doesn't need 64g of Sugar every day.  

Spark has NO sugar! And my family/coworkers know when I finish my Spark. 
I am ready to tackle whatever challenges me.
I may have also physically leaped out of a co-worker's cubicle in front of my boss, good times.
I am now a firm believer in Advocare.  
The products I have already (and currently) use are: 

  •  Spark (Mandarin Orange/Fruit Punch/Pink Lemonade) 
  • Catalyst pills 
  • FiboTrim (fiber pills)
  • O2 Gold Advanced (produces more oxygen)
Now, this is where it gets a little more mathematical (which I'm not great at).

My measurements (inches) on 8/2/2012 were: 

Bust: 38/39
Waist: 31 and 3/4
Hips: 38
Right thigh: 25
Left thigh: 26
Weight: 163.0 

My measurements on 9/3/2012 were:  

Bust: 37 and 1/2
Waist: 29 and 1/2
Hips: 36
Right thigh: 24 and 1/2
Left thigh: 24 and 3/4
Weight: 159.2 

**P.S. I literally still eat what I want, whenever I want.  My weight still fluctuates literally every day. Also, my scale says I am like 4 pounds more than Taylor's scale in Oxford, so obviously I like her scale better.**

If you still think "blah blah whatever" that is fine.  

But if you are still reading, I commend you because I feel like I am writing a small book. 
I want to tell you about my sister's weight loss.  
She decided to tackle the Advocare 24 Day Challenge before nursing school started back.

 She is allowing me to show you her before and a little after photos so here you go.. 
Day One/Day Ten:

Her 24 day challenge is now over.  
She still drinks Spark, just like me and continues with the Catalyst pills, which Nicole described to me as "lipo in a bottle."  
Her last update to me was "I lost at least 8 pounds, and 8 inches. I just couldn't swallow all those pills at the end."

Now a couple questions for you guys: 

  1. Have you ever tried Advocare?
  2. If so, are you a distributor? How did you become a distributor?


  1. Wow that's amazing! My friend from high school sells Advocare products and you've just convinced me to check it out! Thank you!

  2. YEA YOU!!! Great work friend!! I am an Advocare Distributor. It's super easy to become one. Email me and I'll walk you through it! I'm so excited for you and your healthy new life!!! :)

  3. My sister does that!

  4. CONGRATS gf!! That's great!! I've never tried the spark but have only heard good things. Those pics of Nikki are AMAZING. Good info!

  5. Hi! Congratulations on your results! I just completed the challenge myself and lost 7.7lbs and 21 inches all over. This program has changed my life and my body for forever =) I'm so happy to see so many people benefit from this program!


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