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I can fit in a bag.

I have never been small, physically.
The old saying "pack me away in your suitcase" always worked for my friends, but never applied to me.

However, my sister came home the other day with a bag from work.
It is huge.
So obviously, my first (and only) thought was "can I fit in it?"

and the answer is....


I obviously want this bag for many reasons.
Mainly, I know that for a weekend I can pack everything in it, including my box fan. 
No more carrying that separately, no way.

And since I'm being honest, that's actually where I have been instead of blogging.
In that bag.
Sister wouldn't unzip me.

just kidding.
But I did find this outfit on Pinterest while I was chilling in that big bag and really want to recreate the whole thing.

If this post isn't great,
 blame it on my lack of oxygen.


  1. Actually, this post was really really great. Thank you for making me laugh! This brings the big bag trend to a whole new level. : )

  2. Thank you Jessica! Glad I could make you laugh today. :)
    Have a great weekend!


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