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Oh, October...


October is going to be a pretty wonderful month.

I am not saying I am ready for October at this exact moment, because let's get serious...
this year is already going by wayyy to fast.

 But here are the things in October that are making me smile:

October 1: The All American Rejects concert in New Orleans.
Boys Like Girls is opening up for them. EEk!
October 13: The Color Run in Memphis, TN.
Trying to figure out my outfit, now.
October 31: Halloween.
I have so many ideas for what I want to be this year, besides spray-tanned.

Anything you are looking forward to in October besides candy?


  1. I think candy is the top thing on my October list :P

  2. I am dying to see The Campaign!!!

    I love October because of the weather finally getting cooler and the leaves changing.


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