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THIS weekend has plans.

This weekend is another trip to the Big Easy.
With my bff's Brooke and Karuhh.

I really can't think of a better way to spend this weekend.

Today will consist of work, mani/pedi, quick shopping and then
packing up the infamous Vera Bradley travel bag.

Saturday is the day we jet out to New Orleans for a really fun, carefree time.
Hopefully, I can leave my "mom-worryness" at home.

The reason we are going to New Orleans and coming back late late late Monday night is for:

The All American Rejects concert!
And Boys Like Girls will be opening up for them.

Let me just tell you something,
My Pandora station is constantly playing these 2 artists.
I cannot wait to see them in real life aka concert.

My top wishes are that they sing the following songs:

I Wanna
Dance Inside
My Paper Heart

okay, okay...just sing my Pandora station, k?

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