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Weekend Snaps.

This past weekend was unexpected goodness.

Friday night started out with Brailyn running up to my car asking if I liked her lipstick.
Once we were in the car, she said "Man I look cool. My daddy is gonna say I look so pretty." 
This little girl is beyond.
I love it.

After sitting around a friend's house, Brooke gave me a braid in my hair and we made our way to dinner and a movie.  
We went to see The Campaign and I LOVED IT. 

On Saturday, I got up around 8:30 to start my day.
Went to the dealership first because I received a letter in the mail back in June saying a part may/may not be recalled and it should be checked out.
Turns out I had to make an appointment and will need to go back in 2 weeks because it might take all day.

After that, my mom and I hit the mall.
I got one work shirt and makeup.
Guess I will have to start wearing some makeup to work because it's MAC. Legit. 

Saturday night was where things got interesting.
Brooke, Kara and I met my sister up at Club Magoo's.
There is always a band playing on Saturday night and I usually don't pay any attention to it.

But this band was different. Why?
Their name is Longreef and are from Australia and sang 90's songs.
Absolutely THE best genre of music in my opinion.

To put icing on the cake: we met one of the members, he gave us free cd's and we got to go inside their tour bus.
I was 2 feet from a groupie only wearing a towel and shook hands with 2 of the band members.
So interesting.

His name is Channing and is the one that hooked us up.

If you ever hear of them coming to a town near you, go.
You definitely won't regret it. 
All in all, I had a great weekend.

Now excuse me while I go watch Kourtney Kardashian have Penelope.

Did you do anything interesting this weekend??  


  1. Longreef is AWESOME! I've heard them at least a dozen times and I think the lead singer is gorgeous!!!! especially when he talks......

    1. I couldn't agree with you more! They were so good and looked good too :)


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