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12 hours in Memphis.

12 hours in Memphis was just as fast as it sounds.

Friday, I had to work all day.
Around 4 p.m. I get a text message from Brooke saying that she just read reviews on the Super 8 she booked us and we would have to stay someone else. 
Reviews such as "oh, there was blood on our carpet. I saw a rat walk to the room next to mine. Bed bugs galore." 
So, obviously I went to google and found us a new place.
I found the La Quinta Inn near the Memphis airport to be our backup.

Around 6:30 p.m. we were on the road to Memphis, TN.
Stopped at the slowest Burger King ever and made it to Memphis around 11.
Pulling up at the La Quinta Inn, we felt like we were going into heaven compared to the news we had read.

We get to the front desk and ask the front desk man if we can book just one night.
He says "Yes, that is not a problem.  Would yall like double beds?"
I said, Yes please.
He goes "ohhhh, man." And bends over the counter with a pain of grimace on his face.
Brooke, Kara and I are all like, umm, okay?
We start talking about payment with each other as the front desk guy limps to answer his cell phone.
Kara has to walk off to keep from laughing. 

I thought everything was getting a little redic, and then an ambulance pulls up and these EMT'S come in the lobby.
One of the EMT's asked who needed assistance and the front desk guy goes "Me, sir. I'm the one who needs help." 

We literally had no idea something was terribly going wrong.
He explains to them, well all of us, that his leg had swollen up since he got to work and that when he tries to sit down, his leg gets super stiff.
Another lady came in the office part to get our keys for us and to give us the gate code. 
We were good to go after that.
Good to go through the gate to park.
Or so we thought.

Brooke gets out of the car first and then Kara.
I am sitting in the passenger seat texting my mom and all of a sudden I hear this man's voice talking about random stuff and saying how "there's only mexicans around here and I can't understand a dang thang they are sayin." 
Kara is like 'cassie get out of the car now.' 
So I do and Brooke is like hiding behind the trunk as it is lifted. 
I look at Brooke with a confused look on my face. 
This is how the rest of the conversation goes: 

Man: Where yall from?
Kara: Mississippi.
Man: Oh really?! Yes, finally some good southern folk. So yall done been through Senatobia? 
Me: We passed the sign.
Man:  Well, thats where I'm from. Well about 15 miles southwest of it actually.
Kara: Ok....
Man: Well, why im here is because I was supposed to be meeting up with my sister but then she called me to tell me that our mom has been in the hospital and then the doctor said she needed to put some dye in her leg and then she started to lose a lot and they had to put more in and, and...(i basically stopped listening).
Kara: oh okay.

(insert random guy in our parking lot in a 2 door car): Hey man, leave these girls alone. You been messing with people here all day.
Creepy Man: gets in car and speeds off.

We get our stuff and go inside.
As I enter the elevator with my box fan and the EMT's helping the front desk man,
we let the elevator doors close and all give each other a 'what the heck is happening around here?' look. 

As we reached our room, I was so excited to get into one of those double beds.
One of our keys did not work, and when the second key did - this is what we saw: 

One bed.
We just looked at each other and laughed. It's now getting super late and we decided that all sleeping together was probably the best idea considering how the night was going.

We all took showers and took turns laughing at B-rad, Malibu's most wanted.
He's been down with the Brizz-own his whole life.

I finally fell asleep after 1 a.m.
6 a.m. showed up real quick for none other than the Color Run.

We made our way to the stadium around 7 and the start was at 9.
We checked in and I ran into my girl, Claire, in the line. 
Which was clearly God wanting us to hug because there was SO MANY PEOPLE there.

We walked around, took pictures, and got to the start line around 8:30.
Waited around until almost 9:30 before our wave began the 5k. 
I am slowly realizing I'm not a runner. 
I think I maybe jogged a mile through the whole thing.
I did enjoy having different colors to look forward to though.
I am so excited to be doing the one in New Orleans with my sister next month.


I definitely recommend doing one of these Color Runs.
Just make sure to go with your best girlfriends. 

Kara aka Smurfette.

Turns out, 12 hours in Memphis was more than enough.

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