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A question to DYE for.

I am not one to break molds and branch out.
When I like something, I stick with it.
That goes for food in restaurants, hotel choices in cities, and my hairstylist.
This is a question for y'all out there reading this...
aka please comment.
Would you dye your hair in an ombre fashion?
Ombre means dark on top and it gets lighter towards the ends.
I am starting to really consider it with the holidays approaching -
that $100+ dollars can be someone(s) christmas presents.

I am thinking something along the lines of these two girls: 

I have a fear it would look silly and then I couldn't change it for a while,
and honestly the ends of my hair isn't where I should have a focus.
However, having your hair grow and not have to worry about getting my roots touched up is definitely a start on the right track.  

Especially, when it is now fall and you should go 'darker' anyway.
But my hair all one color brown is not cute on me anymore.
I need some hair help.
All advice would be greatly appreciated.

I'm dye-ing to know your thoughts (see what I did there?)


  1. I love the second picture!!! (I live under such a rock as a busy teacher that I don't know who she is ;) I think it would look great on you.. I say go for it!

  2. Contemplating the exact same thing right now! My biggest problem is that i LOVE my natural hair color, but need a change. Everytime i bring it up to my stylist she says "people come in here and pay hundreds to get your color brown" so I haven't touched it... but now I'm thinking a good compromise is to do ombre! It can't hurt.. you can always cover it up darker, plus i think it is SUPER hot and edgy right now :)

    all in all, i say go for it girl!

  3. I got my hair done Ombre like the Jessica picture ... I love it..but I feel like it only looks good on longer hair. If your hair is any shorter than armpits to me it just looks like not enough room. But as far as maintenece goes its great! I havent had to do anything for months but I'm going in to go darker for winter so bye bye Ombre BUT I think the dark ombre is amazzzzing.


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