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Another HEART called, Part 1.

Before you read this whole post, 
just know that since I came home from Nola I have been sick.
Like the flu and strep throat all mixed together.
I have been in bed since Wednesday afternoon and it now takes me over an hour to eat something.
Now, please read about what happened 7 days ago. It was fun.


This past weekend was by far one of my favorites of this entire year.

Our trip started Saturday afternoon in the rain.  Pouring down rain.
We stopped once to eat some Krystals, half of my nail chipped off from the manicure the night before, and then we rode through a lot of rain all the way down to the Big Easy.

I am so so so thankful for Kara driving us the entire time.

She is a trooper who just so happened to score the Super Troopers movie for $2.49 at Goodwill.  I bought a Ryan Cabrera cd for the same price.
What...a good deal we got.

Once we made it to the hotel, we decided that calling it a night was not in the cards.
We had to hit up Bourbon Street, just had to.

So glad we did because we met some characters.
We only went inside a club to use the restroom once,
the rest of the time we stayed in the skreets.
For over 4 hours.

We met a few boys from the Pike Fraternity of Florida State University.
They were so much fun to hang out with.

Even though I was older, than well, their whole fraternity...it was a great time.
One guy referred to himself as "buzz lightyear" and if you don't know anything else about me, know this:
I am obsessed with Toy Story.
I know every word.

So when "Buzz" was standing beside me, there was this random drunk girl who literally almost falls out of a bar onto her face.
He catches her right before the pavement does.
All of a sudden I scream "buzz buzz buzz lightyear to the rescue!"
It was awesome.

Me and Buzz Lightyear

Then later on he pretended to point his laser (arm) to everyone and I was like "Buzz, use your karate chop action" and began to lightly punch him in the back so his arm would go.

It was by far the most ridiculous thing ever and it still makes me chuckle.


Fast forward to Sunday.
It rained literally all day.
Would break for a few minutes and then go right back.

We walked around to find a place to eat for lunch soaking wet.
We went back to Johnny White's because we knew their food was legit.

After a stop at the voodoo place, we made our way to the gas station by our hotel.
To stock up on necessities: Dr. Pepper (yes, I drank a few this weekend), Hershey bar, sour worms, and nacho cheese doritos.
What was all this for?
 To go lay down.
The rain made us so lazy and I can honestly say, we got our money's worth out of our hotel.
An all day SVU marathon? Absolutely.

We heard the rain stop around 6 so we jumped out of bed to go see a huge Dracula made out of Legos.
We get to the French Quarter and it had been taken down.

Another light sprinkle and we ended up at Margaritaville for the last couple minutes of the Saints game.

I have never been to New Orleans on a game day (even when it's away) and it was so neat to see how many people just stand in doorways looking at tv's.

 New Orleans may have lost by 1 point but I had the best margarita of my life.

Sunday night we went back to Bourbon.
Sunday was lame. 
Cat's Meow was okay, but we were just too laid-back aka lazy to even get off the bar stools.
But don't think we didn't take the hottest picture while we were in there:

Did anyone think I could look this good? I sure didn't.  

So after some horrible/awesome karaoke performances, we went back to the hotel.

Stay tuned for PART 2 - you  will never guess who we took a photo with. 

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